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ECT | 5 on the 5th | September

by Sally Wilson | September 23, 2014
ECT | 5 on the 5th | September

Another 5 on the 5th as we count down the remaining months for 2014.  A concentration on family across the globe from the team, illustrates to me that family is what matters on any given day.



My 5th this month was awesome. My god daughter Mog had a curriculum day at school, but her Mumma still had to work so Mog came to stay with us. Mog is a bit of an earlier riser, so when she woke up at 7am I climbed in to bed with her to watch ABC kids on the iPad, but she was hogging the screen.  I had no other recourse than to start a tickle war. Bad idea, I lost. How can a kid not have ticklish feet? We hung out in bed until late afternoon. We even managed to con my husband into serving us breakfast and lunch there.

Aimee xx

This year I recorded my "week in the life" over the 1 to the 7 September. Those dates - the fact that Monday was on the 1st - made it too perfect not to use. Instead of monitoring my every hour for the week I just make a conscious effort to record more and take more photos in order to record an average week. I don't worry too much if I have photos from Monday on Tuesday or if things don't line up perfectly. 
This month's 5th coincided with my week in the life for the year and so I had a whole stack of photos to choose from. I think these ones signify a typical day perfectly.
My day starts with a cup of tea, then goes into deliberate planning and Getting Things Done. That evening I start cooking - we had a mini celebration week so I made something fancy. My husband comes home and our fur baby goes crazy. And then it's crafting into the night.
2 years ago, nearly to the day my little first son was born, Ike. At the moment he is obsessed with the movie Despicable Me which is great because now we all are obsessed with it. (He’s even getting into Frozen, good boy). We had a few of  his little buddies come over for a Minion party and course we had the little minions running around going wild for it. Ike wasn’t too keen on keeping his costume on so looks like just the adults ended up being the minions. Any surprises there? We loved it though. We love him and are so grateful for him in our lives. He’s such a little fun one. So these are a few of my family snaps to share from Ike’s 2nd party for my 5 on the 5th. Routine totally went out the door to try and get this party started!

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