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by Caylee Grey | September 6, 2014

As we enter a new season, I suspect most of us are making preparations to resume the routines that come with a change in season.  Hence, this month’s theme for our Friday Files is routine.

Caylee has started us off using this clean and simple approach to her project.  Clean and simple is trending right now, and is a very achievable technique.  I especially like the color block and pattern design Caylee has created using the East Coast designer and ledger cards.

Don’t you just love Caylee’s handwriting - you can see more of Caylee’s creative projects by visiting her blog.



Routine is my favourite subject at the moment. It has become really important in my day to day because working for myself means that when I don't work I don't get paid.

For Friday Files I thought I'd keep with the theme of routine and order and make a grid with co-ordinating patterns. I used the Foundation Cards because - quite simply - they are smaller and easier to cut up than my 12x12"s. I didn't have to think too hard about getting everything to match because everything does already. Yay.

I took a photograph of things that I use in my routine - a Moleskine with my to do lists, my UniPin Fine Line, my iPhone and laptop, and an Essie nail polish. The nail polish signifies my work breaks because even that is important in a routine. I kept my journaling with the grid shape, but incorporated a bit of whimsy in the header.

Text: Now that I am working for myself I am learning the importance of routine. A lot can be said for how much better I work with a schedule... when I know what I'm meant to be doing each and and the go do it.

Products used: Essence East Coast Foundation Cards

Best Wishes,

Caylee Grey

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