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by Mira Jurecka | August 30, 2014

As you can tell from Mira's post she has been fairly busy with her time- exciting adventures continue. 
How i love the last line in Mira's blurb. 
How have you used your time to craft a great life- we'd love to hear...

Friday Files


Our time right now is measured by meetings with our kid (USG meetings). When we can see how quickly our child grows up. 

It's week thirteen. You don't like when we take pictures of You - You move very fast, but when You finally stop - the pose is just brilliant - we always laugh about it! 

This time You looked like You were sleeping in a hammock. Even our doctor was amazed how funny You are. Each meeting brings happiness to our family. This was the first time, when Pawel could see You. 

Mommy isn't getting much bigger yet, but in the pictures we can see that You are changing. 

In the first one You were only a dot, after that - small cute chicken, now - You're funny little hammock girl (probably girl)! 

Soon we're going to meet again. How quickly this time flies...

Grow strong kid!



Bella! Year in Review - August

Essence - East Coast Building 1 - Front and Reverse

Bella! Months Cardstock Stickers

Essence Gold Alpha stickers

Washi tapes and some old scraps of other papers and stickers

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