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ECT | Friday Files | Thanksgiving with Mira

by Mira Jurecka | November 8, 2014
ECT | Friday Files | Thanksgiving with Mira

Thanks Giving

Ok, let's start from the point that here in Poland we do not celebrate Thanksgiving :) So I am going to focus on the idea of being thankful more than celebrating this time with family and friends.

Every month is perfect for being grateful, everyday we should thank for what we have - even in the hard situations we should always find what's good in it for us. Of course it's not easy, sometimes we just prefer to complain. It doesn't change a thing but it's kind of our human nature. 

Each day is perfect for being thankful, but actually I think not every day is perfect for us just to stop and think about our life. And this is what November was designed for! For thinking and being thankful!


Days are shorter and darker, temperatures going down, we are much lazier than usual - there's no better time to sit down with a warm blanket or a cup of tea, relax and think.

What do I have to be thankful for?




So now I'm just going to sit down, relax, and think...





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