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ECT | Friday Files November | Aimee

by Aimee Dow | November 15, 2014
ECT | Friday Files November | Aimee

You know of all my essence commitments Friday Files are my favourite. It gives me a chance to dig around in my head for places I do not usually go. This month was a little different however; my thoughts and feeling on work were pretty much nailed down years ago. Actually I remember the day very clearly. I was working as a waitress and while I loved the interaction with our customers. I was a lousy waitress. I broke a lot things, I could never carry more than 2 plates at a time and I despised the lunch hour rush because I could never just finishing what I was doing. I remember it was my first day off in a five day stretch. The phone rang and they asked me to come in to work, they were short handed. I said I would, because I always do, then I hung up the phone and promptly burst in to tears. That was the day I quit my last conventional job. Now I could have written about that for this month’s journaling, but to me it didn’t really seem connected to my work right now.

I decided instead to look at work from a family perspective and what work related traits I admire in my siblings.  I have a great respect for their amazing work ethics. Something I don’t really posess.

From a design point of view I choose to replicate the same photo over and over for impact. I’ve actually done this a few times in the past for layouts and I really like the effect. I wish I could take credit for the amazing cut file I used for the background but somewhat poetically it’s a work in progress. I was cutting out a Studio Calico cut file when my mother tripped over the cord and this was all it had managed to cut. Hooray for happy accidents! 

Aimee xx


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