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ECT | Friday Files September | Mira

by Sally Wilson | September 27, 2014
ECT | Friday Files September |  Mira

Once again, thank you for joining us for the 3rd edition of Friday Files for September.  We are half way through the month and inching a little closer to the closing season of 2014.  What routines have you implemented or continue to craft a great life?  Mira is sharing some of her routines from the summer in Europe, where she resides.  Have you noticed that breakfast seems to be the preferred routine to document?



Summer breakfast routine

We have a lot of routines in our everyday life, but there's one of them that i admire the most. It is our summer routine of preparing and celebrating everyday breakfast!
Why summer? Because it's so much easier to wake up earlier, sun is up, days are bright! There are a lot of seasonal vegetables and friuts available in the market, what makes our breakfast Fresh, Healthy and what's most important: COLORFUL!
Summer breakfast at the beginning af a working day is the time when we can start the day together and it gives us a huge dose of enegry for the whole day! It's like BIG SMILE in the morning.
Summer breakfast on weekends is time for a sweet lazyness it's like a little gift for the beginning of a brand new day.

So where's the routine in here?
Our breakfast always (absolutely always!) have two parts!
On working days this is me who wakes up earlier and prepare the first part: muesli with fresh fruits and jogurt, sometimes it's an porridge with migdals, nuts and fruits. First part is always in the bowl!
After that - Paweł wakes up, we eat together and then he becomes a chef! He always prepare colorful sandwiches and pack it for work. You probably know that the sandwich prepared by someone else always taste better than if You prepare it Yourself! It's always a little surprise for the eating person. When I eat it at work i always think about Paweł, and I'm truly grateful for his everyday input into our breakfast! Some of my friends at work laugh at me, that Paweł prepare super big sandwiches for me since we got pregnant :) and they wonder how is it possible for me to eat it!

A bit different breakfast routines we have on weekends...
It's always Paweł, who wake up earlier and prepare the pirst part. All because i love staying late in bed and enjoy my weekend freedom!
What does he prepare? Jogurt, cereals, sometimes banana smoothies. He is always hungry, so the breakfast have to be really simple and quick.

Then, when i finally wake up he knows that I'll prepare something really goooooood!
Sometimes we do it together, and i really admire these moments!

I love preparing pancakes and omlettes then! Again with fresh fruits and clone syrup - yum yum yum! Or with vegetables!
Sometimes we also prepare sandwiches - veeeeeeeeery colorful and full of everything.
Sometimes i'm testing some new recipes from KUKBUK (cookbook) magazine - the breakfast part is always my favourite!

Second part of our weekend breakfast is also time for a coffee or cocoa or just a fruit tea.

This is it.
Simple everyday routine, simplier than anything else. Something that make us really happy!
I wouldn't change it for anything else!

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