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ECT | Friday Files with Aimee

by Aimee Dow | August 23, 2014
ECT | Friday Files with Aimee

Welcome to another month of Friday Files. Aimee here with you today as we kick off a new topic – Time.

I have to say I really love this series. Not only does it constantly have me expound on topics, deep and meaningful, I’m developing a collection that all look the same. Are you playing along at home? Are you finding the same thing?  

Here is my Journaling for this month:

“It seems to me, the older I get the quicker time passes me by. From the moment I wake up, I seem to already be running late. I look behind me at a childhood with everlasting summer holidays with nothing to do, but laze around and play. I look forward at today’s date planner and to my dismay it’s already the 30th and August is just days away.

Seasons are the worst. The endless to-do list gets in the way of being in the present. I notice the heat; I notice the cold, but I don’t ever seem to have the time to appreciate the little things like the changing colour of leaves, the week the cheery blossoms flower or the pretty icicle pattern left of frozen glass.

Perhaps as children we are better at living in the moment. Our short attention spans leave us predisposed to the distractions that are around us. Time is not infinite or at least it won’t be for me. As I get older, I’d like to think I will strike a better balance with time. Not just looking forward, but in the moment too.”

Originally I tried to find pictures of the seasons changing but it turns out I really don’t take the time to photograph them. I decided to use a collection of where I stand to represent the 3 on the seasons. Still loving the East Coast cut apart strips, Gems and ‘Official Document’ stamp too. Love the fact that all my Friday File layouts have them.

Aimee xx

Supplies were really simple for this project:

EC4.9 - East Coast Fit-Out 1 Front (Pattern Paper)

EC3.02 - East Coast Finishing Pack (Stamp, Sticker Boarder and Gems)

 American Crafts White Cardstock

American Crafts Thickers Bliss in Black

Stazon Black Ink

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