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ECT | Friday Files with Mira

by Mira Jurecka | July 12, 2014
ECT | Friday Files with Mira

This month the essence creative team delve into the theme of Family.  As you can read form the brief for this months journal project, the meaning of family varies according to your life experiences. What is your life experience of family ? I hope and pray it is one that has helped you to craft a great life...






This was the day when our own little private Family was born. Full of optimism we begin our journey. There are only two of us yet, but who know for how long? We are on our way to change it. Now our life is more or less like that: „and they lived happily ever after”. 

Even though we are 100% different, and the difference is all about what matters the most, even though we are both as stubborn as a mules - we made our decision and we made our promise. We’re going through life together.



Materials list:


East Coast-finishing pack-adhesive gems

Empire Bebe-finishing pack- arrow stickers, glitter alpha stickers and transparency card


Pigma pen, foil heart, kraft tag.

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