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ECT | Friday Files with Sally

by Sally Wilson | July 26, 2014
ECT | Friday Files with Sally

This month the journaling theme has been on family- As i thought about this topic, many ideas came to mind, namely that Anthony and i are just us and have been for 23 years, we are also furry parents to 2 gorgeous shar pei's, they are not our children but they are ours and the 4 of us make a part human, part furry family. Thinking a little more deeply on the topic, I realised just how much of our days and time are actually spent apart as we go about meeting our daily commitments. This made me stop and ponder for some time and eventually resulted in some sobering conversation with the boyfriend. [aka hubby]
I realised changes were needed to have more family time and some activities in my life needed sharper attention and greater detail, while others needed downright elimination. I needed me some big dollops of C.H.A.N.G.E if i was going to increase the quality of family life. oh the pain and the joy.
So my friday file layout was simple. It was the list of more or less T.H.I.N.G.S needed to balance my life, resources [and attitude] to have some quality time for family and also to improve the quality of T.H.I.N.G.S that feed me and nourished me, hoping to make me a better family member. sorry 48 hours, you "has" been eliminated!
So you can follow along hybrid or scarp style quite easily. 
2 solid colours and some paper accessories [ EC4.09 EC4.10] 
Handwritten or computer journaling and any embellishing bits you want to add to give the project your touch of style. 
Check my blog for a complimentary download. 
Have fun and enjoy crafting a great life.

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