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ECT | Life Album | July

by Sally Wilson | July 20, 2014
ECT | Life Album | July

There's been a hype of activity this month for the team and we are always excited to share their life albums with you, from the everyday to the extraordinary activities that tell their story. This month Mira and Caley let us peek into the week that was.

We love to use the ruby rock-it pocket sleeves and essence cards for our life albums, they marry so well with a variety of colours and styles. You can see more of the teams projects on their blogs, just click on their name to visit their blog...well worth the stalking.

New to the team this month is Caley, you can read her Bio here. Now we have 2 fabulous chicks with the same name, different spelling, most usual because Caylee-Caley is not heard or seen very often. Caylee's/Caley's I have known have been just beautiful. Just incase you didn't notice from Caleys pics, she loves a touch of fluro.


What a week filled with family visiting, zoo visits, beach visits and don't forget the best tantrum I have ever seen by none other than my eldest son, Ike. Winning performance. The great thing about living interstate from family is that you get to be the holiday place for them all so you get to experience the lovely sights over and over and share with them their first time at seeing such magnificent views from where we live. Now I'm hanging till the next visit...

I just love Essence's Baby Empire range and in particular the storks and elephant filler cards as they blend in nicely with my zoo theme, not to mention the cool grey patterns tie in my ocean pics quite nicely too. I did have to be a lil cheeky and add in some Fluro, what's to life if there's no Fluro? I couldn't help myself when I went to the local plaza and saw a pack of Fluro paper in the Kikki K store. I intended on using them as party invite paper but thought they added a pop to my kind of style to blend in with the Empire Bebe Range. (Oh and just a little surprise filler from the Pink Paislee range to bring in a patterned aqua colour & letters from Cristina Re). Mixy Matchy I say!


Materials list 

Empire bebe pocket cards

Kikki. K paper

Pink Paisley Paper

Christina Re Paper

Ruby Rock-it  pocket sleeves

Hi there!

It's time to share the latest Life Album Pages with You! This time i decided to add one 12x12 page to my album. In this page I gathered my summer plans (a little summer bucket list). I love to stop for a while and think about what i need and what i want and to write it down on paper. There's a lot to do after all, but i'm glad that i summerized it at the beginning of summer, cause this is the best way for me to welcome a new season, especially when it’s my favourite one!

Another page is regular pocket scrapbooking - all about the week 26th which was full of eating and cooking! I didn’t feel very well, so i spent most of my free time at home, reading, sleeping. I didn’t feel into scrapbooking at all - can You imagine that? Is’t very unusual! But of course i managed to create somthing (duties duties - You always make me soooooooo back on track!).

When it comes to my colorful cooking I prepared super spicy carrot cream soup (we couldn’t manage to eat all of it!), yummy salmon and green sandwich butter (sth like guacamole, but with a peas). We went for a date, where i discovered the best breakfast ever! So all i remember from that week was eating! And I hope You will forgive me that i scrap about such a down-to-earth activities! I hope this will encourage You to enjoy Your everyday routines!




Materials list

empire bebe and east coast Life album cards, 

east coast finishing pack sticker and stamp

empire bebe finishing pack diamonds

flare button - Studio Tekturek

adventure stamp - Studio Calico

prima marketing (i believe) alpha stickers

Marcy Penner freebie printable labels

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