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ECT | Life Album | September

by Sally Wilson | September 26, 2014
ECT | Life Album | September

Life is as busy as ever, days are folding into months and we are approaching the end of another year, where seasons are changing.  Time still evolves at its own pace and we have the priveledge of recording the beauty of our everyday, extraordinary lives.  Here is a glimpse into our ECT life album spreads, as you can see, they are crafting a great life!



Welcome to another installment of my Life Album. As you can see, I am still slogging away at last years album. I don't mind this so much because their has been a nice little side effect. The second half of last year is beginning to get a really nice continuity, because of the Essence range products. I've never had an album all look the same before and I think I really like it. Here is a closer look. Left side:

Right Side:

Week 47 was an adventure packed week. We had house guests this week and because we live in such a small house, Mog and I had to resort to having breakfast picnics on the floor of her room, since the house guest were sleeping in our lounge. I cut apart the record of evidence card and used the top on the picture above and a potion to go across the pockets just to tie the two photos on either side together. I really like the effect it creates, but I think I might go back later and put a small piece of laminate over the top so it doesn't get damaged.

How cute does she look in her school uniform though?!? 

I love how this card came together too. Just enough space for journaling between my photo-strip and the card details. A fluke, but a cool one at that.

Finally I thought you would all like to see my hospital food breakfast. Just kidding. I actually wanted to show you just how cool the sentiments in the essence packs are. I never have trouble finding one that accentuates the story I am trying to tell. Better yet, there isn't a single "Best Ever" card in any pack! I have enough of those to last a life time.
Well that about wraps it up my friends. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my life on paper. Until next month.
Supplies List:
EC1.01 Essence East Coast Designer & Staple Cards
EC2.01 Essence East Coast Journal Cards 
EC2.02 Essence East Coast Quote Cards
Amy Tangerine Yes Please Remarks Puffy Stickers
Heidi Swapp Value Project Life Kit - Foil Pack
Crate Paper Notes & Things Ephemera Pack
Hello Forever for Studio Calico Die Cut Labels - Camelot Kit 
After my husband spent two weeks in the hospital, I really expected that week 34's Project Life layout was going to be chaotic. It ended up as quite a calm layout. Maybe it was because I waited until after he was back safely and all was peaceful in our home before I attempted to document the week.
As it turns out, the colouring of my photos for the week went perfectly with the Essence East Coast cards. I added quite a lot of journaling for me, hints of gold embellishments and that was it. The spread came together really quickly. I made a process video which you'll be able to read when the tutorial comes out on September 30th!
Hello! This month I'd like to share something from my Life Album that is a bit different than usual. As You may already know I'm not only doing everyday album - I also have my Wedding pictures pocket story project opened! 
And since September is the month of our marriage first anniversary I've decided to share with You a bit of my Wedding album
It's already full of pictures, but what I was missing there until now, was pictures from the Church. Why is that? Probably because I didn't like the colors of those pictures too much. I mean, pictures are gorgeous, but they are all in the brown tones, which i'm not so comportable to scrap with! I really missed that part of the Wedding Day in our album though! At the end of the day this is the most important moment, right? 

So I finally made myself to go for it! And believe me or not I really admire the effects! The essence east coast collection was really helpful here - I must admit! 

At first I wanted to add a bit more scrappy details to the pages, but when I gathered around the cards and pictures, when I put them in my album just to see the composition, I found out that I really like the simplicity of my Layout and that I need nothing else to add there! It's funny, how sometimes You have to go out from Your comfort zone (this time - colors) and You end up with totally different style of Your work!

I'm happy to share my thoughts with You Guys, thanks for reading! I hope that my example will inspire You to experiment with the colors that You don't like, and I'm sure the results will be amazing! Have fun!


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