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ECT | Love Links | November

by Sally Wilson | November 13, 2014
ECT | Love Links | November

You’ve heard the say, sharing is caring- we care- we love the opportunity to expand and grow and that’s what our little love links community is all about. This month we share Aimee and Mira’ favs for your consideration. As we inch towards a nother year to farewell, I am pondering the growth I have experience and assessing the resources i been able to embrace. their is nothing quite like a little extra knowledge to spark the creative towards crafting a great life.

I try very hard not to be the kind of person who falls for every fad. As a left hander it was easy to resist brush script. I like to look at neon things, but highline by Basic Grey was the closest neon was ever going to get to my scrapbook album.  I even thought I could resist the planner trend… until I tried it! OMG, I don’t have to carry every single thought in my head anymore! Turns out many great scrapbookers feel the same way and they have designed their own!

1. Marcy Penner went to town designing the Hello Forever Planner. There are more add ons for this thing than you will ever need! Had to have it.

2. Our very own Caylee Grey has create the most amazing brush script planner in two versions – floral and minimal.

3. Finally our dear friend Maria of Analog paper has created a beautiful minimal planner. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s simple yet stunning.

Thanks for checking in.

Aimee xx

Hello! Today I'd love to share some "Fun with kids" Love Links. Recently I am all about kids (weird, huh?) and I found this cute DIY ideas and promise myself to give it a try one day! I hope You'll enjoy them! Let me know if Your kids like it!



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