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ECT | October Friday Files | Mira

by Mira Jurecka | October 11, 2014
ECT | October Friday Files | Mira

This month we are sharing how we document gratitude. Each of us define and refine our own experience of gratitude and how it transforms us. Mira shares her thoughts with us today. Love the insightful quote she has 
shared. What are you grateful right now in this journey of your life- we’d love to see or hear your thoughts
Gratitude - Friday Files

Hello! This time i prepared my Friday Files in the form of envelope with the title on the top, and journaling hidden inside of it. I printed the words on the white cardstock, simply masked an envelope with big journaling card and added a title using letters from a few different alphabets. I like to keep my journal project simple, so this time I didn't attach any photo.  
Here's the journaling:

Would I need a time capsule to be happy? 
Definitely no. 
Someone wise once said that Life is not about regreting. It's all about taking lessons out of the failures. 

I wouldn't like to travel to the past.
Because I am grateful to live here and now - to be exactly where I am.

The biggest grattitude that I feel is about nowadays.

The first thing that comes to my mind is grattitude over the high medicine level. I can trust that my family will get a proper help, when this will be necessary. 
I'm grateful that woman can give a birth in a human conditions. It wasn't common in the past.
I'm grateful, that my country isn't the place where people fight against themselves - that we have a peace on the streets everyday.
I'm grateful because I am educated. There are so many children in the world, who would love to go to school, but there is no school for them.
I'm grateful that my husband and I have our jobs, because there are many starving people out there, who are not so lucky.

I am grateful that my husband and I are young and healthy. What could we do without health? Nothing.
I am grateful that P is patient, because I am not an easy person to live with.

And finally I am grateful for all the wise people from the past, who developed our civilisation. Do You know, who invented electricity? 
You probably should!

No... I wouldn't change a thing.
I don't need to travel in time.

I am grateful for my life.
Products that i used:
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