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by Caylee Grey | December 16, 2014

My husband and I are not big drinkers, but every now and then a celebration calls for a glass of bubbly. It's not true champagne because it's from South Africa instead of France, but we call it that anyway. The sweet red sparkling wine is our favourite of the blends, and this particular bottle was sent to us from my parents in a different city to celebrate a milestone of my online shop. It wasn't a big milestone, but it deserved to be celebrated. Everything does, in my opinion.
I used the back of six 3x4" journaling cards to create a colour palette of sorts. I kept the photo rectangular to keep with the grid. A gold foil word cut from my Silhouette Portrait was put over, and a few gold stars. It's all about making the mundane something magical.
Products used: back of East Coast journal cards
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