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ECT | Tutorial | Journaling onto notecards

by Caylee Grey | February 11, 2015
ECT | Tutorial | Journaling onto notecards

Just because I don't have a typewriter, doesn't mean that I can't have the typewritten look on my journaling cards. This is how I do it.
I first made a 6x4" rectangle on an A4 canvas on my computer. I used Photoshop, but you can really use anything.I just made a white one with black border.

I then made a note on plain paper which the top right hand side was when I put it into my printer, and printed the simple rectangle.

Once the rectangle had printed, I stuck a journaling card onto the space and held it down with thin sticky tape.

I put the paper back into my printer with the "top right" note I made to myself in the top right. I fit my journaling in the block in Photoshop, hid the block, and pressed print.

Voila! Perfect.
PS: I used Splendid 66 for the font, but there are so many great typewriter fonts.

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