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ECT| Take Two Traditional Scrapbooking | Mira

by Mira Jurecka | December 11, 2014
ECT| Take Two Traditional Scrapbooking | Mira

This time my Take Two layout is all about 2014 fall. I wanted to create the list of current things that I want to remember before our daughter will be born. So I wrote them and attached to my Layout as a flipping card under the picture. My layout title is brr brr, cause this year, when we moved to another apartment this is exactly what I feel constantly: it's cold! 
Outside - previously I didn't have to wait for a tram or a bus to work, cause I used to live 5 minutes away from the office and I simply walked there everyday - now it has changed - I'm always cold waiting for my transport.
And inside - we used to live in a REALLY small and very warm apartment - now we have twice the space and simply it's a bit colder, so I need to adapt a little...
Even now I'm wearing two pairs of really warm socks :)) So Yeah - this fall was cold - I'm definitely going to remember that little detail :D


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