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Essence Creative Team | 5 on the Fifth - June

by Erin Yamabe | June 13, 2014
Essence Creative Team | 5 on the Fifth - June


Hi and thank you for your company today.
It's no secret we are passionate about documenting our lives,-we wanted to give you a glimpse into our everyday, ordinary lives, hopefully sprinkled with some extraordinary "things" that you may find interesting. 
Photography is one way we tell our stories. We'd like to invite you to join us on this journey and document your lives by taking 5 photos on the fifth day of each month throughout 2014. 
We're hoping that thru the camera's eye you will see more and enjoy the daily little things that help us to craft a great life.
This month 5th was super short but quite fun! I started my day with work (strange, huh?) but i found some time between duties to create Little origami Fox. Isn't he Cutie? 
After work P and I met our friend- first time after veeeery long time we went for a late walk. There is this strange performance in the City Center running right now and we really enjoyed It. Especially this flowerish table! We finished the date in a pub. Quite strange for us in the middle of working days, but we both were glad we did it :) chill out season is formally opened!

Hug hug hug, 


After the house inspection, I finally got to put my feet up with a cup of tea and the brand new Alphabet Family Journal, which had arrived on Monday.  It’s a brand new publication by an Instagram friend of mine. It’s a brilliant snapshot of Australian family life.




Thursday is shopping day, so hubby and I headed out to the supermarket. It just so happens that our local supermarket is located right next to a giant hardware store. Bunning’s is a siren call to Gardner like my husband and a DIYer such as myself and we did not leave empty handed. Hubby got new fence posts and chicken wire to extend our veggie patch and I got purple carrots to grow in said patch.




Shortly after shopping and unpacking the groceries, we headed out for a walk around the lake. I feel the cold right down to the bones if I sit still too long, so it was nice go get out and get some exercise. It’s a little hard to see in this photo, but you can just make out the 4 giant cranes that punctuate the Bendigo skyline. Our city is currently building a new hospital and the cranes can be seen from nearly everywhere in the city.




For dinner hubby and I tried a new recipe – olive, onion and anchovy tart. I enjoyed my tart with balsamic baby greens. Hubby is a bit more of a purest and was happy to forego anything healthy looking. Both versions got 2 thumbs up.




Thanks again for stopping by,




Aimee xx




My fifth was truly an awful one that didn't involve hair brushing and barely involved being awake, so I chose instead to focus on my perfect day that happened two days prior. On that day, I wrote down a list of what my perfect day would be like, and I decided to live it out. I called the office to divert my calls, worked from home and ticked off each Perfect Day item one by one.


My Perfect Day started with a walk in the park. Now, I really don't like outside so I'm not even why I like it, let alone why it's on my perfect day. But I really do, and I really enjoy having my dog and a podcast with me. I like it so much that I sat in the traffic to get to it nice and early. I enjoyed a solid half hour of being the only person in the park besides the security guard. The fresh, cold air encouraged my lungs and brain to wake up.


Good coffee and poached eggs are on my Perfect Day too. If it's at a dog-friendly cafe then that's all the better. Griffin sits on my lap and has a nap while I sip, nibble, and write in my ideas Moleskine. I did try and order a dessert after breakfast (since Perfect Days do not come around often), but they only had pastries.


I get home and do some art journaling. I am loving art journaling because of the amount of gold and glitter you can throw at it. With a blank notebook from Typo, I have the perfect starting point.


I made a note-to-self desktop as a reminder that I can create my perfect day any day. I have the ability. Sure, I'm not able to fly to Berlin on the daily, but I sure can incorporate the little things that make me happy. My wallpaper states "Caylee, you choose what you want your life to be like" and I think I'm going to be making more of these for myself.


After the excitement of my husband coming home, which will always be my perfect moment of every day, after date night, and after delicious food, I get into a bath. It's winter in South Africa which is the perfect excuse to heat myself up each night. I love the little ears that watch over me.



Caylee Grey



ECT- SW-5ON5-JUNE 5TH 2014




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