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Essence Creative Team | Friday Files | Aimee Dow

by Erin Yamabe | May 17, 2014
Essence Creative Team | Friday Files | Aimee Dow


Another friday files from the essence creative team hits the blog. This week we peek into Aimee's life and her story of how she is crafting a great life.
Hi! Welcome to my friday file for the month of May. This month we are digging into the topic of home. I like to think of myself as pretty profcient with words but I really stuggled with this one. I used Sal's jumping off points to write a list before putting them in to a cohesive story. My dot points helped hugely, but it touched on a few subjects I hadn't thought of in many, many years and probably a couple of other issues I hadn't really dealt with. I'm happy to say that it's out on paper I feel much better. Actually when I look at it now I can see just how far I have come. Shall we take a look?

I have to say I really love the way that the neutral elements of the Essence Collections ties in with my bright stash. It's a little hard to maintain a clean look without that balance.

Case in point - this beautiful cut apart strip from the Essence Fit Out 1 Paper (EC4.9). It's just so sweet and it ties the page together.



I used the gems and stamp from the essence finishing packs again because


1. I really love them. I even contemplated decorating the flowers on the other half with gems, but thought that might be going a little overboard.


2. I'm hoping that at the end of these 12 months I will have a cohesive theme for my Friday file pages.

The Journaling reads:


Home is a challenging concept for me.  It took many, many years before I understood its true meaning. As I child I had somewhat of a nomadic existence and as a result must my possessions were utilitarian and dual purpose. I mean if it doesn’t have a use why cart it round, right? As a teen, things settled down a little, but only because I was residing in other people’s homes. They never felt like my own home. My early 20’s were littered with dorm rooms until a fateful accident had my now husband and my lives collide.


It would still be another two years and two house mates later before I finally began to figure it out. All of a sudden there was space, our space. Thinking back I think it started small. I went to buy a desk and a chair. I hadn’t really bought furniture before and it dawned on me that for a change it could be a reflection of me. And it didn’t stop there – bed linen in beautiful fabrics with patterns I adored, a pristine kitchen aid mixer for all the baking I anticipated in our future, the list just went on and on.


As the house began to fill with things we loved and treasured, I found myself wanting to spend more time at home. I guess you could say it began to feel homely, but that was just start. With my husband and I spending more time at home, it became the place where the majority of our acts of love were performed – Making Pancakes, Cuddling up together on the couch to watch a movie, working side by side on the veggie patch, etc. These little things bought us closer together and cemented the relationship we have today.


I may have taken the long way to get there, but I finally came to understand what ‘home’ means. It’s were you feel most comfortable. It’s where you love ones are and where you build on relationships you intend to last forever. It’s where love lives.


And that wraps it up for me today. I hope you have a great weekend.


Aimee xx


Product Used:

Essence Fit Out 1 Paper (EC 4.9)

Essence Finishing Pack 1 (EC 3.01)

Essence Finishing Pack 2 (EC 3.02)

American Crafts Thickers in Goodness (Pink and Aqua)

American Crafts Cardstock

Basic Grey Spice Market Nutmeg Paper

Staz on Black Ink






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