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Essence Creative Team | Friday Files with Caylee

by Caylee Grey | July 19, 2014
Essence Creative Team | Friday Files with Caylee

This month the essence creative team delve into the theme of Family.  As you can read form the brief for this months journal project, the meaning of family varies according to your life experiences. What is your life experience of family ? I hope and pray it is one that has helped you to craft a great life...

Thank you miss Caylee for a stunning project.




Family is incredibly important to me. Not only the family that I was born with, but also the family that I found. The people in my life are everything to me. They are so much more important than things or possessions. I carry a little part of them inside my heart, and each of them have defined who I am. I have a small group of friends, but each of them is worth 100 regular people.

You get the family that you are born with and then you get the one that you choose yourself. I am so thankful for these sisters. I am so very glad that they found me.

Love, Caylee

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