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Essence Creative Team | Friday Files with Mira

by Erin Yamabe | June 14, 2014
Essence Creative Team | Friday Files with Mira



Friday Files are all about the journalling experience- In this weeks project Mira has "changed" it up, showing you how simplistic, yet elegant your project and journalling experience can be and how quick it can be to insert your files into your life album. The point being, to emphasise getting the words written and the experience/thoughts stored. 

Sometimes journaling can take a few minutes, others will take some considerable time, either way you will be leaving your stamp and legacy on crafting a better life.



hidden text printed, folded and put in the little envelope reads:) 


365 days will make a change


Once upon a time Robert Baden-Powell said: Leave this world a little better than you found it. Beautiful motto to consider changes.

I was always sure that I am able to live by this thought, fight for it! But when You get older and older the optimism decrease.


Because whenever You want to leave the world better You must start from Your own little life. And the life is all against it.

First You try not to lie to Your parents about Your bad behaviour, then You try not to cheat on tests in school, then You have to fight for Your future, for Your career, and at the end of the day there is no place to be good for the big world. No space to make a difference!

This was my first thought.

But then i found out something else...

When I met my husband i was totally different person. I fell in love and it positively changed me! I became more cheerful, more grateful and it was all because i truly felt i was loved, fully accepted and appreciated!

So... When You can't make a big difference for Your own life and by Your own hands, why not to make a difference for people that You're surrouded by? Why not to let love do the whole thing?

In one moment I realized that changing the world is all about giving love and not expecting anything in return. You can try to donate money for poor people, You can volonteer and fight for a great cause, but You still have to remember to be good person in a simple everyday relations. Otherwise all of it doesn't matter. Be a good person for Your husband, children, friends, and be a good person for stragers that You meet across the street.

And this i think will make a difference. All because a little piece of love can change a big big world.




Materials used:


essence east coast building paper 2 and 4, card is from e-bebe foundation card pack, gold alpha from empire bebe finishing pack. essence page protector and little cotton ribbon. Voila!



Mira Jurecka





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