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Essence Creative Team | Love Links | August

by Sally Wilson | August 10, 2014
Essence Creative Team | Love Links | August

Well, here we are at this months L O V E  L I N K S reveal. I really enjoy receiving the essence creative teams contributions for this segment and start the stalking almost immediately, little advantage i have in receiving them for review! Delightful.
If you have a specific topic you would like us to us explore and reveal, we would love to hear from you, in the mean time we hope these little gems will help you craft a great life


I just adore DIY blogs. Can’t get enough of them! I admire the pretty pictures, marvel at their genius use of supplies and constantly pin the projects that I would love to undertake. That’s about as far as it usually gets. Here are my top 4:
    1.    Handmade Charlotte has the most amazing kid’s projects.

    1.    Oh Happy Day, often party related but we all need to celebrate now and then.

    1.    The Crafted Life, a little bit quirky, but Rachel loves ombre as much as I do.

    1.    The Lovely Drawer, the place I go for all things - girly, pretty and dainty.

That wraps my love links up for another month. Hope you find some inspiration or project to tackle until the next time.
Aimee xx

Hello! Today in the essence love links I'd like to show You the links where in my opinion You will find a lot of great photos. Here You go:

Kertiii - absolutely the best!
Magda Mizera
Agnieszka Rzymek
A place for Twiggs
Świat jagodowy
Kasia Mazur
Little People - this is the most interesting project i've ever found on the Internet!

I hope You will enjoy those artist! Don’t forget to leave the comment in their spaces!


I don't have many words for the links I'm sharing this month. I will allow the links to speak for themselves. These are my top six Pinterest pinners. Click on each link and become inspired.

Essence Creative Team -

Sally Wilson -

Aimee Dow -

Miss Sabine -

Big City Princess -

Mary England -


Here are my love links for this month! Or should I say, my LOVELY Links. They’re all just lovely if you ask me. I do the stalky stalk on them quite regularly.
I seem to get inspiration from these websites & follow them on instagram, it’s something about their romantic colours mixed with brights and of course fashionable and party orientated.
(Speaking of party orientated, my kind of party these days is to be in bed by 9pm, wouldn’t that be bliss!?) So yes, these inspire me.
A Darling Affair:
If you like anything to do with decorative party and wedding ideas, from invites, to cakes to photographers then check out A Darling Affair at These ladies have done a fab job in Queensland, Australia and I hope are going to kick it Nationally. (Also they just had a fair on the weekend so keep an eye out for their latest pics and inspo).
Barefoot Blonde:
If you love fashion & beauty and get inspired by those kinda sites (who doesn’t?) then check out Her photographer does an amazing job which helps me to look beyond taking a dodge little piccie of my kids. Love the site layout too.
Confetti Fair:
And my finale piece is a boutique party fair site, Confetti Fair, where great party ideas come to life. Their pics are so cute and amazing what they can do with washi tape beyond the paper world! Check them out at

Caley x

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