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Essence Creative Team | Love Links | June

by Erin Yamabe | June 2, 2014
Essence Creative Team | Love Links | June


Hi fellow life documentors, great to share your company again for another installment of LOVE LINKS.



Our team have not disappointed and delivered some real resource inspiration for you to enjoy.

Each month we continue to build a resource library, this means loads of inspiration coming your way, in a variety of formats, so check back often to see what we have added. 

Since we are all about sharing the love, we thought it would fabulous to share some of our personal faves  from blogs to web sites. 

Tell us what you think in the comments section- did you find some wonderful gem- do share- we love it when we hear from you.


Today's love links may be among your faves too but regardless, we hope they you to craft a great life.



Today I'd love to share some Wedding themed websites that i admire! Here is the list:
"">Green wedding shoes
"">Snippet and Ink
I was following them before our Wedding, and I can't wait to follow them before my Sister's Big Day.
Have a lovely time spent going through the links!




Hi and welcome to my May edition of love links. This month I am sharing yet another one of my passions with you – Baking. Long before I was a scrapper, I was a baker and I find that when I’m stressed the kitchen is still the place I gravitate to. So today I am giving you a short list of food related sites and blogs that I just can’t live without.



1.     What Katie Ate. It’s a little sad that it’s no longer being updated, but prior to December last year it was a daily visit for me. I still go there once a week or so to trawl through the 3 years of gems and try out recipes I missed the first time round. (




2.       Smitten Kitchen. Seriously, I had no idea what Monkey Bread was before I came across this blog and now I don’t know how I ever lived without it. I am also really excited to give the pretzel buns a go. (




3.       Kinfolk Magazine. It’s a little hard to describe what Kinfolk is. It’s not so much about the recipes; it’s the point where life and beautiful food intersect on film. It’s the life I wish I had every day. I could spend hours in their online galleries. ( )




4.       Donna Hay. What Donna doesn’t know about food styling isn’t worth knowing. Everything looks to go to eat and yet the recipes are surprisingly simple. Huge fave for sure. (




Thanks so much for stopping by and if you have any suggestions of what you might like me to cover in future, I’m all eyes.




Aimee xx




Last year I become a creative class hoarder. This year I have set myself the goal of going through every single one of the classes that I bought and actually learn something instead of watching the data get stale on my laptop. I'm happy to say that this goal is doing well, and that I've almost gone through all of my classes. These are my favourite ones:




1. Elise Blaha Cripe - I Choose $15 -


This one is all about goal setting, and it is what encouraged me to set monthly intentions. Elise is an inspiring goal setter and gives practical (and exciting) advice on how to incorporate goals into your life and achieve what is important to you.



2. Rachel Denbow - 52 Weeks of Art Journaling $34 -


I absolutely adored Rachel's previous art journaling course given through A Beautiful Mess and knew I had to get this one too. I'm currently going through the two together one prompt at a time and it has opened up completely new creative avenues for myself. 




3. Gala Darling - Radical Self-Love Bible School $20 -


This is a new one to me, but a fantastic encouragement for further (self-loving) art journaling.




4. Lara Casey - Powersheets $35 -


This isn't an ecourse, but these sheets are fantastic tools for making things happen. Lara is truly encouraging and motivating and just plain lovely.




5. Ali Edwards - One Little Word $31 -


This is a big one. A year long class that helps you focus on a word for the year. You choose a word that you want more of (mine is deliberate) and this course helps you manifest the word into your life. It's truly great and I wont go another year without taking it.



6. A Beautiful Mess - Blog Life $50


A HUGE guide for someone starting a new blog, or looking at their current one. This course is so full of content that you should have no questions about blogging once you're done going through it.







So here we are... sharing our love links for June- Please enjoy my randoms BLOG shareware....I LOVE A



FAT FAT SHEEP- There are some sites that i just love to visit on a regular basic just for a bit of design and inspiration eye candy and fat fat sheep is one of those must go to sites for me- It fun. There is something elegant and peaceful about the quirkiness of it all. I love the kick start gives my creative juices. I love this place of pure distraction


APRIL AND MAY STUDIO -Just another one of those sites i love to explore, your can escape for a while on this site as it covers almost every element of design- fashion, food, interior, product etc..


VINTAGEPIKEN- Nuff said- Its fresh, clean and uncomplicated, yet so detailed and i love the simplicity of the style and palette



Most blogs i visit as a way of "escapism" from the mundane grind of the day to day routine. These blogs are similar and share links to each other. You will often find that blogs/people/companies with similar style and passion will do this. 


If I have a few minutes- usually while i am waiting for a large file to save- I quickly jump on any number of sites but these i truely love to stalk, including their pinterest and instagram for some inspirational eye candy.






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