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Essence Creative Team | Love Links | September

by Sally Wilson | September 8, 2014
Essence Creative Team | Love Links | September

Another fabulous month of the love links for our team - sharing their picks of some faves, you will love visiting these sites!  Here’s to crafting a great life-



I am the very first to admit I have an addiction. I check instagram at least 4 times a day (okay so it's probably closer to 14). Maybe more. In my own defense I have forsaken facebook and twitter. I only want to be where I can inspire people and where people inspire me. I post ALOT of scrapbooking pictures - you can see them for yourself at:  but we are not here to talk about me. Or even scrapbooking. I am going to show you 6 of my favorite instagramers with their very own take on craft.

1. DIY - Amanda Rydell. 

This girl is flat out amazing. She loves white as much as I do and I'm pretty sure she never sleeps with all she get's accomplished.

2. Ceramics - Marley & Lockyer.

Fellow Aussie, doing her own thing in here backyard studio. Don't be fooled though, her collections sell out in minutes.

3. Sweet Treats - Nectar & Stone. 

Another Aussie based in Melbourne. Nectar & Stone has had an absolutely metric rise to the top. You will also often see her treats in other famous instagram feeds.

4. Woodwork - Ariele Alasko.

There is no one quite like Ariele. Even if you are not into her AMAZING woodwork - her passion and love for what she does is contagious.

5. Felt - Little Puddles

I used to think about felt as a hobby for old people until I came across Nat from Little Puddles. Wow is she innovative, but most importantly everything she makes is just so cute! 

6. Brush Script - Polka Dot Creative

To be fair I have known Jodie a long time. She is an awesome project lifer, but about 9 months ago she took up the brush script trend and never looked back. Just how good is she? Well that picture above? That is one of 4 pieces that grace the walls of my house. 

That wraps it up for my today. If you come join me on Instagram please be sure to stop by and say hi.

Aimee xx

For my own wedding I had grand plans of making every flower myself out of paper. And then we moved our wedding up by seven months because we were moving overseas. I chose simple fresh flowers in the same palette, and had a fabric bouquet (which is in a vase on our coffee table right now). I still dream about paper flowers and how I'd fill a wedding reception with them. Now to convince my sister to get married...

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