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Essence Creative Team | Love Links July

by Erin Yamabe | July 8, 2014
Essence Creative Team | Love Links July

 Hi again, it's that time again for another Love Links- so pull up a chair , grab a drink and some nibbles, and enjoy the inspiration from the ECT love links this July and enjoy crafting a great life...


My focus for the ECT love links segment for July is centered on photography. These are just some of my picks from the bookmarks i keep on my mac. I frequent these sites often for some inspiration, eye candy and the odd purchase.


1. 79 ideas

Love Radostina, she is so talented and inspiring, I think you'll agree. She has a mixed collection of images and ideas that make me want to get the camera out and travel and explore and dare to dream!

2. Artifact Uprising

If you ever want to create something special with all those photo's and add a dash of sentiment to your images then gift it- this is the one stop, must go to place in the whole wide world. Totally in love with this company, for a trillion reasons. The inspiration is endless.

3.Silver Box Creative

This is a magical place to visit- I love pouring over their blog. This is the place where design, paper and photography come together to create something wonderful- Hope you enjoy your visit, it's will worth the time.

I just love a good find when it comes to inspiation, especially design, every so often you find one of these places that becomes your beacon, these are some of mine- hope you love scolling thru their sites and blogs- happy free time!




Now that Two Peas has closed, and their gallery along with it, I thought I'd share my favourite places for finding inspiration for paper crafts and memory keeping online.

1. Pinterest

The Queen of Inspiration, and also the Queen of Procrastination. Once you find a great pinner, you can get lost in her boards for hours. Tip: if you find a pin you like, you can explore further by clicking onto that board, clicking the "More from..." link on the right, or scroll down to see "Also on these boards" and related pins.

2. Studio Calico Galleries

Probably what is the most active scrapbooking gallery on the internet.


I don't personally use this, but I saw that you are able to import your Two Peas gallery into your one. Just use the tutorial here.

4. Blogs

Without a doubt, my number one source of inspiration. I follow my favourite blogs all in one space on BlogLovin. You can also browse the popular pages if the blogs you follow haven't published anything recently (and find new blogs to follow).

5. Instagram

This works especially well if you follow people who inspire you, but you can search the hashtags even without an account through Iconosquare, which brings us to our last link...

6. Iconosquare

You simply put in the hashtag, and browse for days.

I hope this has helped you in the ever-longing search for inspiration. I still maintain, though, that the best inspiration is a piece of paper, a pen, and your own ideas.

Caylee Grey


Hello! Today in the essence love links I'd like to share with You my kid-book-illustrations love. The websites are polish, so i hope You will forgive me that You probably won't understand the word there, but i think they're GREAT and i'm proud to share them (and at the end of the day it's all about the ilustrations - right?:)

Emiis (my favorite!)
Polska ilustracja dla dzieci (the newest books reveal)
365 monsters (those are not a book ilustrations, but i think they suit here)
ps. Don't forget to check the links and leave Your opinions here and there! I'd be very glad to know if we share the same interests and i am sure the site owners will be honored if You leave some tracks in their space :)

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