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Essence Creative Team | [May] 5 on the fifth

by Erin Yamabe | May 13, 2014


Hi and thank you for your company today.
It's no secret we are passionate about documenting our lives,-we wanted to give you a glimpse into our everyday, ordinary lives, hopefully sprinkled with some extraordinary "things" that you may find interesting. 
Photography is one way we tell our stories. We'd like to invite you to join us on this journey and document your lives by taking 5 photos on the fifth day of each month throughout 2014. 
We're hoping that thru the camera's eye you will see more and enjoy the daily little things that help us to craft a great life.
I’m sending my Picture collage :)
Another casual day of mine – my super favorite day of the week – Monday! Time to get up early and go to work… But this time was a bit different, cause it was also day of packing and going for a Scientific Conference! Yay! After the long day in work, when all the things was packed, quick and sweet diner (nutella mixed with peanut butter = YUM!) and we were ready to hit the road! So we did! I wish I would have taken my camera to take a picture of beautiful views on the road! Magical! But I didn’t, so peanut butter must be enough for You :) I hope You enjoy pictures! (I promise next time I will share something extraordinary!)

The 5th of May was cold and wintery down here in my part of Australia. I would have liked to stay in bed, but Monday is the day I run my errands. I bribed myself to get out of bed with a bowl of fruit loops. I know, I am too old and I know that they are not good for me, but Monday’s should always be full of treats.


After breakfast I headed out to the university to talk to a man about a graphic design degree. I’m still on the fence. I certainly have enough skills to get me by and I’ve been working on the industry for years. The question is do I want to spend 3 years making it formal...

I headed home for lunch and a visit from friends who have just moved back.


Little miss Leianna did not much like all the adult talk and it seemed brutally unfair that she could not touch anything and everything in our house such as the gas log fire, the television remotes, iphones, ipads, cords, etc. We do not have a child friendly house.  Lucky we have child friendly chickens. Leianna and I went outside to play with the chooks, stomp in the puddles and just do our best to get a cold.


After our guest left, I went back in to town to finish up my errands. While I was waiting for the chemist to fill a script, I went for a walk in the mall and I was all of a sudden stuck by a sense of déjà.  I don’t go in to the centre of city very often, but I was standing in this exact same spot last month when I took a photo of the dragon’s birthday party. What a difference a month makes.


Last but not least, I returned home to fill in the hours prior to the Master Chef Premier – having food on my mind as I always do, I decided to make mini tag album of all my favourite vegan blogs for a friend who is interested in changing her diet.

And that my friend wraps up my 5 on the 5th. I hope you have enjoyed your little peek into my life and if you are playing along don’t forget to post a link underneath. I’d love to see.


Aimee xx




Sometimes we get to style our life a bit, sometimes all the glamour fades away and you've got a bunch of photos of dirty dishes and then sometimes... sometimes you end up with over two hundred photos of your new puppy. My five on the fifth ended up that way. Initially I thought that I couldn't be this ridiculous - surely there was something else I could photograph other than my dog. But then I realised that my life currently completely revolves around Griffin. He really has changed our marriage into a little family and he occupies so many of my thoughts (mainly "Oh I really hope he does his business on the patch of grass and not the carpet"). So I've come to the acceptance that my five reflects all of that. 
Our mornings are no longer filled with the snooze button, and instead are consumed by tiny paws jumping against the bed. Finally, we give in and accept that it is now his turn to jump on the bed and cover our faces with licks. Once we've moved to the lounge the begs for attention continue (because, obviously we don't give him enough). Once he sticks his tiny tongue out, he's got us.
Griffin gets his morning walk / run / prance, and I am incapable of stopping taking photos each time. I wonder if this enchantment will fade with our second puppy.
Today it's a special day so he gets a car ride. If I'm driving he sleeps quietly on my lap, but if I'm the passenger he just has to hang out on my shoulder.
The special day starts off at the leash-free park. We spend the vast majority of our day there because D and I can chat and read, and the dogs can entertain themselves - is this what human baby's moms feel like ?
By the end of the park day Griffin is so exhausted that my cappuccino is warm right until the end.
Thanks for sticking through my fawning over the new fur baby. I hope it inspires you to document what you're currently infatuated with. As Aimee said - we'd love to see.
Hi All, 
Some would have said that the 5th of May was uneventful and rather dull, but for me it was filled with some fairly eventful activities and sobering conversations between the vet, the husband, the friend, the dad and God.
You've heard the saying, "when it rains it pours" yes? well this week i experienced this first hand-receiving unpleasant news for both my father and our beloved friend, Mr Bojangles [ aka-the doggo]. 
The 24 hour turn around of activities 5th of May included an MRI, neurologist visit, veterinary visit, 3 hour surgery and a lot of pondering, prayer and patience. [including huge amounts of research reading]
What i have learnt from the 5th of May is:
-life is fragile, a full-stop can come at anytime
-how and with whom you spend your time is important, choose wisely
-there is a good reason google does not start with Dr, beware what you read and listen too
-when having international friends visit, do all the fun stuff first
the school of life can be a great gift- hope you are enjoying yours.



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