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Essence Creative Team | Take Two with Mira and Caylee

by Sally Wilson | October 21, 2014
Essence Creative Team | Take Two with Mira and Caylee

Loving the individual creativity on the take two sketch for october. Today we share Mira and Caylee’s creative process and story with you. We love a great intrepatation of our sketches and Mira and Caylee have certainly given us some eye candy for October- 
Mushroom Layout

Hello Take - two fans! 
Behind my project today I have this really crazy story to share with You.
Mushrooms - this is what You can see in the pictures. I've never seen such a wonderful examples of toadstool in my whole life - yet, here they are - nothing special... Nothing for You, but for me and my husband - really strong symbol.Symbol of an adventure. 
Going back to the beginning: September was the month of our first year wedding anniversary (I already told You this). This is why we decided to go for a trip to the mountains and we choose exactly the same place, that we went for our first trip together - Wielka Sowa - small peak in the local mountains, near the place where we live. 
The weather was sunny and gorgeous - we even complained not to be dressed properly. We left all unnecessary (important word - UNNECESSARY) clothes in the car and went straight to the top of the mountain. Going up takes only about 45 minutes and the only attraction were those lovely mushrooms. I needed to photograph them. When we got to the top we had a little picnic and decided to go down the other way - to make our walk last longer. 

And this was a HUGE mistake. 

After 30 minutes of goig down it started raining. We waited for a few minutes under the tree hoping it will stop. Unfortunately it didn't. It was even worse - the storm has started. We started running down the hill but after 15 minutes we were fully soaked and the storm was still behind our backs. And there was no sign that we are at the end of the road where we left the car.We didn't have anywhere to hide, until we saw the first house - about 30 minutes later.
I was soooo scared of the lightnings and thunders that I decided to knock to the door and ask for help. 
But noone was responding. Suddenly we saw a man on the balcony who invited us to come in. He gave us blankets, dry clothes and a hot tea. And the stories... He turned out to be a Himalayan climber with 40 years history of climbing. When we finished the tea, the storm was still out there, so the man decided to give us a ride to our car. After horrible beginning of our trip it was like a fairytale. You can not imagine how grateful we were for that helpful men on our way. 

This is it - in the car we changed the clothes and came back home straight away. 
Nice story, for the wedding anniversary, don't You think?
Now - the only thing I think of, when I see any kind of mushroom - is our adventure :)
And this is what my Layout is about.
I hope You like that story.

Products that i used:
Bella! Year in review paper, 
Essence empire bebe- Foundation 4 - paper
Essence East coast Finishing pack stamps and adhesive gems and grey alpha
white cardstock
mme enamel dots, small Wycinanka chipboard and sodalicious plastic arrow
This photo was taken while I was in Spain with my mother and sister. I was so incredibly happy at the time, and beyond grateful for being there with them. My mom beat breast cancer this year and so it was an extra special feeling spending time with her. It was a magical holiday, and so it felt fitting to use this photo for my grateful page.
My interpretation of the sketch is a loose one. I saw the circles in it, and knew that I had to turn them into a painted "explosion" of thanks. Each of the things I'm thankful for are like sparks, shooting out from me.
I'm lucky enough to say that the page was far too small to write down every single thing I'm grateful for. I'm very blessed, and will never take that for granted.
Products used: Empire Bebe Foundation Paper, East Coast adhesive gems, black paint, white pen

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