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Essence Creative Team | Tuesday Tutorial by Mira

by Mira Jurecka | July 30, 2014
Essence Creative Team | Tuesday Tutorial by Mira

Holy Smokes, this is big MIRA IS HAVING A BABY-#1

CONGRATS MIRA We are so thrilled for you and wish you every happiness in this exciting journey. 

Knowing this, (thanks for sharing this with us and the whole world) makes this project just a little more meaningful and special. 

Mira has created a mini journal with the intent of filling all the cards with those heartfelt messages and thoughts and 

milestone memories, mingled with words from the impending mum (mom) and dad; letters to the their child- precious. 

A treasure for a lifetime. This is definitely how you craft a great life.

I'm sure Mira would love to hear from you- so leave her a message and any thoughts you want to share.



Hello! It's Mira with mini album tutorial today!

Since I love very simple ideas i prepared something amazingly easy to share with You!

So let's start!

We're going to create mini album mostly from the essence Life Album small cards.


I prepared my mini so I could collect short letters to our baby, that we're expecting right now. I can already feel the difference in my body, in my life and I have plenty of thoughts in my mind that I want to share with our child. But I need to wait with those details for a little while... until our kid will be old enough to listen and understand what I am talking about. I want to document those things also for myself, to be able to go back and remind all the stuff we've gone through.


Essence empire bebe collection was my first choice for this album, since it's full of pregnancy and baby prompts, but after all I also decided to use some cards from the east coast collection. They have those wonderful titles, that encourage me to write about so many things that matters! Most of the time I pick the title card, and write my letters on the second (plain) side, trying to connect my thoughts with what the card says. I think this will be wonderful journal for us and for our baby to go back in time in the future.

This is the theme that i picked for myself, cause i really feel i need it, but of course You can choose Your own theme! Little journal for a great moments, for some words of wisdom, for Your wedding preparation thoughts, for the planning purposes - anything You like!


So what do we need to prepare such an album:

Life Album cards (as many as You want - You can always add more in the future!),

hole puncher,

album ring,

as many embellishments as You want


What i've done first was rounding the corners of each of my cards in album -it's not necessary! Then i prepared first card (L is for Letters) and the last card, and the „chapters” cards (big empire bebe cards with pregnancy prompts - simply bent in a half - they are counting the monts of pregnancy, what i really admire), bind it with the little album ring (with some ribbons on top) and put this in one box with all the cards that I’m planning to use in my project.

Whenever i feel to write the letter - i simply open the box, choose one or two cards and write my thoughts. Then i punch the holes and add the cards to my journal in chronological order. 

I also decorated the box a little - just put one card on the top of it and added a few embelishments. 

Simple, isn’t it?

I’m amazed how ready-to-use the cards are to build a wonderful mini journal. 

You can add some little pictures inside, decorate each page, whenever You feel You need it, but it’s still piece of cake to do it, and what is the most important - great fun!

I hope You like the idea. Don’t forget to share Your albums with us!



Materials List
Empire Bebe and east coast cards and packs
Pigma pen for journaling
A ridiculous amount of embellishments
A 6mm hole punch
Storage box for project
Corner rounder punch

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