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by Ruby Rock-It Bella! Fundamentals | April 14, 2014



Hi All, 


Today we want to show you the essence approach to modern pocket memory documenting. 

An elegant, clean and effective approach, delivering stunning results that document your life’s stories from the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

essence is a 3 step coordinating system that allows you to assemble the layers of your life’s stories in a quick, 

simple approach making the experience of documenting your everyday or milestone moments attainable and enjoyable.


Unique to the essence system is the comprehensive selection of beautifully designed cards that invite you to record your history. 

Journaling prompts, calendar cards, titles and quotes all coordinate to allow you to document your life quickly and easily. 

essence -for every story, endless ways to tell it...




Today, the essence creative team [ECT]  introduce you to their version of essence pocket documenting. 

Warning this may be a long post- so sit back, enjoy and hope you will be inspired and continue to record and craft a great life. 




essence team leader





Hello Guys! It's Mira here! Since this is my very first Essence spread that I'm sharing with You I'd like to tell You a bit about my project in general. When I first saw pocket scrapbooking pages in the Internet (it was something about two or three years ago) I thought: oh, this must be soooo boring! I was then totally LO and album oriented and not very open minded to let myself dive into PL. Looking through the lovely pages of many talented scrapers over the last two years my perspective has changed. I promised myself to give it a try! I started with small album and i found it very difficult to keep on track with it. At this point You must realize that my free time is totally limited to the weekends. I found my life super boring and I didn't know what to put in my album. And the size wasn't good for me - it was too small! PL came up to be nothing more than frustration, so i stopped!

A few months later I married Pawel. I was sure that I must create the Wedding album to collect all the wonderful memories in one place! Since we have soooo many Wedding pictures I knew it's impossible to create my super album quickly, so I've decided to prepare it page by page, whenever i feel doing it. I burried the hatchet and opened my 'workin' on PL' chapter again. And this was it! I found it soooo attractive way of documenting and finally this was fun! And when the December has started I have decided to work on my December Daily (my very favorite project!) in a small PL album. And this was it!

Even though I was super worried if i can manage it, I've started my 2014 PL with one promise - I won't feel guilty, whenever something goes wrong. And this is me here with You! It's April now, and I'm still doing it! I am so proud of it!

I hope You will enjoy the pictures:

Left Side Pocket Page:














Right Side Pocket Page:














Now I have a little promise for You. Next time when I'll be sharing my spreads with You I will write a bit about my creating process, and the style that i find  most suitable to keep me on track :)

And to finish this {long-I-believe} post I have one more thought for You Guys: do not think too much over Your PL! Even though this project is really demanding if You only give Yourself a little loose You will love doing it! Take care!





Supply list:
Cards: finishing pack bebe EB03, east coast foundation cards
Embellishments: Borderlines self-adhesive 4 pieces Bella Bling
Stamp: east coast, finishing pack
Stickers: finishing pack, empire bebe
Silhouette portrait
Plastic Elements by Sodalicious
Badge designed and made by myself ;)
Some old sticker numbers
White cardstock
Color Theory alphabet





Week 6 was a really tuff week for me. I have absolutely no fear of public speaking, I once dated a guy who kept pet snakes and that never fazed me, but you need only mention the word dentist and I am quivering in my boots. Part of the problem is that I'm allergic to pain killers, so after the anaesthetic wears off... Yeah, it's not pretty. I had known for awhile I needed a few teeth removed, so the plan was to keep me mildly sedated until the end of the week. For project life though, that means I didn't take a lot of photos because I didn't really move off the couch.


I made the decision really early on to blow up the picture of the apple TV remote on my PJ pants because it reminded me of a pattern paper and I thought it would make a great graphic element.  I was just plain lucky that essence has this wonderful pocket design that allowed me to keep the 12x12 in the middle.



The left side features a title for my week, a photo taken in the dentist's waiting room and one of the sublime essence journaling cards.  The great thing about this card was the circle design reinforced the circle elements [such as the buttons on the remote], and the color theme is so neutral, it was easily teamed with bright colors.



The right side has a title that mirrors the left side. I didn't think my husband would be thrilled about me singing his praises in a title, so I made it a little more discrete. 

The photo is of my little couch buddy. Mica usually doesn't hang out with me on the couch. I don't sit still long enough, but it turns out when I'm sedated, I'm her best friend! Our lounge room is very dark so when I lightened it - it developed a grain. I just loved the way it looks under the essence transparency so I decided to keep it in the spread.

Last, but not least is another essence journaling card. I picked it because it reminded me of a hospital admission form. I added the tear strip from the 6x6 pad to balance the colour across my spread and added 2 hole punches to make it look like it came out of the binder. 

And that wraps up my Week 6. I hope you enjoyed this peek inside my album.

Aimee xx

Products used:

- Essence Plastic Pockets
- Essence Grids and Ledgers pack EC1.02
- Essence Finishing Pack EC3.01
- Essence Small and Large Journaling Pack EC2.01
- Glitz Finnley 6x6 Pad
- Kelly Purkey Red and White Alphas
- Becky Higgins Date Stamp
- Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher
- American Crafts White Cardstock




What do I think of pocket scrapbooking- I LOVE IT, I'm converted. It suits my life style and creative style. The 3 step system allow's me to have better time management when it comes to documenting the content I wish keep and also greater flexibility in my creative process. 

Simply put, some weeks I have more photo's I wish to include, like week 14 [sample below] , while other weeks I have more journaling which require a few more cards than usual. 

I add a hint of embellishments, just a few for me, as i like to keep it simple and minimal. What I really enjoy about the essence editions is the variety each pack contains; whether you have one or all the packs, you have enough magic to be as creativity as your imagination.




[I would love it if you wish to contribute any successful tips you have had in creating pocket page spreads. Our Ruby Rock-it Readers I'm sure would enjoy hearing them- just leave a comment in the comments section]


For those wanting to know what i do here we go:


A I keep a running worksheet template- 

on this i write my notes and ideas

For a PDF copy just email me.




B I also keep a photo record on my iphone called collect- it captures a daily photo in a calendar format. Very useful for when I neglect my written record, which I do on occasions.

I have also been know to keep a 3 x 4 calendar card in my wallet, for the just incase!

C I use a mix of handwriting and electronic writing. I think handwriting is so important. 

When i riffle through my grandmothers journals it's so much more endearing and personal- 

she wrote that. It tells a story of her and the era in which she grew and live in. 

D I have a selective few embellishment which I keep handy, I love a little sparkle, an overlay or a stitch here and there

E I never print my photos from a home printer. I alway prefer professional printing 

F  My default location is always white or negative space , this is my creative style at present, in my photo's and on my pages.




wk 14 for me was all about the: 

dark skies and rain downunder. 

my parenst 47th wedding anniversary.

the bundanoon , Brigadoon Highland Celebrations.

lounge hogs [as seen in my 5 on the 5th].

church service and a whole lot of stress, mingled with some deep gratitude.


That's it from me, hope you enjoy the week ahead- don't forget to document the small things






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