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The Many Faces of Ruby Rock-It

by rebeccak | February 17, 2012

I don't now about you, but I like when scrapbook companies offer new releases that are completely different than their previous releases. I like when they really entice you to buy the ENTIRE line because it is nothing like what you already have in your stash. For me, Ruby Rock-It delivers time and time again. Fresh new relases with new designs that make me want to use each and every collection. An added bonus is that all your projects hava unique look! For example, here is a banner I made: 

Rk RRI Dream Banner

I used lots of the Nostalgia line to cover the Kaiser Craft wood banner and the alphas are from Paper Doll. I love the soft colors and vintage designs. Next I made a layout with the Bella Wedding collection.

Rk our wedding day 2011

Love the classic black and whtie color scheme which would go with any wedding photos! And finally, here is a layout made with Paper Boy. I adore the bright colors and playful designs.

Rk robot boy
So there you have it--three very different collections result in the creation of three very different projects. Thanks for stopping by!

:) Rebecca

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