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Festive Green & Red Christmas Bracelets

by Dominique Marando | November 19, 2018
Festive Green & Red Christmas Bracelets

Hi there! It's Dominique here, with another Just Bead It design for the blog. The Christmas season is upon us, so today I am happy to share some adorable Christmas-themed bracelets, made with the lovely Just Bead It Christmas bead range.

Products Used:

  • JBZ58 - Small glas pearl beads x 2
  • JBXM30 - Green glass present beads
  • JBXM23 - Red glass present beads
  • Beading wire
  • Crimp beads
  • Silver and gold crimp covers
  • Silver and gold 3-strand bar ends
  • Silver and gold extender chains
  • Silver and gold lobster clasps
  • Crimping pliers
  • Wire cutters

JBXM23, JBXM30, and 2x JBZ58
Firstly, start by cutting three equal lengths of wire. On the first strand, add a crimp bead and thread the wire through the middle hole in the 3-strand bar end, and back through the crimp bead a second time. Pull tight, and use a pair of crimping pliers to make an indent in the bead, and then fold it over itself so that it is nice and rounded. Add a crimp cover and use crimping pliers to round the cover over the crimp so you end up with a smooth, round, bead-like result.
Add a crimp and crimp cover to the middle loop of the bar end
Now you can begin to thread the beads onto the strand. I started with the red bracelet, so thread the red presents (JBXM23) onto the wire until the desired length is achieved. Also make sure to thread the excess wire through the first few beads, for added security.

For added security, tuck the excess wire through the first few beads
Repeat the first step for the remaining wires, attaching a crimp and crimp cover to the ends. Then, take the dainty glass pearls (JBZ58), and begin threading the beads onto the wires until the desired length is reached.

Once all the beads are strung, and you are happy with the size, add crimp beads to the other ends of the wires, and just like the first step, thread the wires through their respective loops on the bar end and use the crimping pliers to secure the ends. Once again, add crimp covers to each raw crimp beads. Lastly, attach a lobster clasp to one end, and an extender chain to the other, and the bracelet is finished!
Once the desired length is reached, add crimp and crimp covers to secure the other end of the bracelet

For the green bracelet, follow the steps above, except use the green present beads (JBXM30), and all silver findings this time. 

I love both variations of this bracelet, and think they would be such a dainty addition to a Christmas-themed outfit this year! 

If you would like to get more information on some basic jewellery-making techniques such as how to use crimp 
beads and covers, and attaching lobster clasps etc, you can refer to my more thorough jewellery tutorial on the Just Bead It blog.

I hope you enjoyed this post - if you would like to view more of my designs, I also have an Etsy store called DominiquesWareswhich features more beaded jewellery. These particular bracelets will soon be uploaded to my store, so stay tuned for that :)

Thanks so much for reading - happy beading!

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