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Festive Pop Advent Calendar

by Christine Santos | December 9, 2019
Festive Pop Advent Calendar

We have officially started counting down for Christmas at home, and this year I have transformed a plain pizza box into an advent calendar.

Ruby Rock-It Brands materials: Crafters Choice Festive Pop 12x12 Paper Pad, Festive Pop Sticker Booklet, Festive Pop Die Cut Pack, Bella Silver Floral, Bella Mini Pink Florals, Crafters Choice Rainbow Glitter Glue, Crafters Choice Bling (Aqua 6-10mm; Clear Stars; Iridescent Clear Hearts; Clear Fireworks; Red Floral; Clear Floral; Pearl Spiral Flourish; Pearl Frame; Borderlines Pink) Other: clean plain pizza box, mini envelope die, tulle, ribbon trim, white paint, mini red flowers

Starting with a clean and plain pizza box, I have cut out the top, right, and bottom edges. The result is a 12x12 cardboard album perfect for a blank canvas.

I adhered the blue and white star paper from the Festive Pop paper pad onto the front cover. I then added some tulle around the paper


I then trimmed the daschund snow scene from the paper pad and adhered this on top as the focal point of the book. I added some tulle around this and then applied some Crafters Choice Rainbow Glitter on all the tulle for a sparkly snow effect.

From the Festive Pop Sticker Book, I then added the holographic word title and cute pups with the clusters of Bella Florals. There's heaps of gorgeous stickers to choose from in this booklet.

I gently tore some parts of the blue and white stars paper for the look of snow to the background, along with some light strokes of white paint. I finished the front cover with the addition of Crafters Choice Pearl Frame and Flourish Bling, and some round Aqua Bling. Now it's time to have a look inside the advent calendar book:

I love the colorful lightbulbs from the paper pad and so I adhered these inside on both sides. I then added some tulle around to match the look of the front cover.

I then die cut 24 mini envelopes from different paper designs and positioned them evenly on both sides. I have used two gold foiled, two holographic foiled, and four printed sheets from the paper pad.

Next, I've cut the numbers from the foiled numbers paper and adhered them onto the middle of each mini envelope.

I chose three main die cut pieces from the Festive Pop Die Cut Pack and added these beside some of the envelopes. I then added some smaller die cut pieces around these.

I adhered some gorgeous Crafters Choice Bling around some of the numbers and onto the die cut pieces for extra sparkle. 'Tis the season to get sparkly.

I then added some holographic sentiments from the Sticker Book Sheet beside a couple of the pretty die cuts to finish the look inside.

I've cut out a good amount of stickers from the same sticker book sheet and filled each envelope with a couple of stickers. The stickers get bigger as the numbers go higher. My daughters love stationery and stickers and I thought what a great idea it would be to create a sticker advent calendar treat for them.

I cannot wait to show this to the girls. They'll be glad to get these adorable Christmas stickers for this year's Christmas album that they'll make. Exciting stuff.

Isn't the Festive Pop collection just delightful? It is very easy and fun to create with, and some papers from the pad are great not just for Christmas projects. This range is available to purchase at a Spotlight store near you. For more Ruby Rock-It Brands, click HERE. Thanks for popping in and have fun counting down 'til Christmas.

Not long to go now.


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