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Friday Files | December | Mira

by Mira Jurecka | December 6, 2014
Friday Files | December | Mira

How do we Celebrate? 
I am not a huge fan of big parties and fireworks, and so is Pawel. We prefer our family life to be calm and quiet. 
Then You can ask: how such a boring people like us do celebrate great moments in their life? 
With no splendor.
Silent, on tiptoe.
With small gestures only.
For example P knows that I love cloves - even better when they are collected by himself. It's better than a huge roses bouquet. 
And he keeps bringing them to me.
I know that P would appreciate small diner for two better than a surprise birthday party. And I respect that.
We keep bringing those small gestures one to another with happiness for both sides.
And it works for us. 

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