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Friday Files | June | Caylee Grey

by Erin Yamabe | June 28, 2014
Friday Files | June | Caylee Grey


Hi all you life documentors, 

Once again it's time for the monthly Friday Files, were we focus our documenting skills on journaling. This months theme "CHANGE". 
Caylee has given us a charming layout using the essence, east coast collection.
You'll notice that Caylee's journal style is both present and reflective. 
I think you'll agree her story regarding change has just enough detail in a few short paragraphs to capture her intended audience, now that's talent. 
Thanks Caylee!

It's strange how change works. Everything can feel completely different while still feeling all the same. Instead of focusing on the big change in my life (moving countries), I focused on the changes inside my husband and I. The little, gradual changes that (I feel) make us better people, and help us grow. When I met my husband, he had long hair and I had brown hair, so there are also some changes that are particularly good.


It's always good to take a few minutes every now and then to reflect on how much you've grown and everything that has changed around and within you. It's good to be grateful for the things that have made you this way, and to be grateful that some of these things are over with.


 Caylee Grey



East Coast Foundation and building cards. East Coast Finishing packs


   Sharpie, staples, white doily, kraft card stock


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