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Friday Files | Sally Wilson

by Erin Yamabe | May 10, 2014
Friday Files | Sally Wilson

A very big hello, welcome again to Friday Files.  

Here is a reminder-Last month we introduced the friday files with this blurb for an understanding of what we hope to achieve with this segment-

{ "All great life documenters know and understand that the 2 essential ingredients required to document a life is penmanship and photography. Now having said that, you do not need to be master of either but you do need to write and snap. 

Surprisingly or not, most people struggle with these basic elements, and our objective with the friday files is to demonstrate how you can document your life with a little more ease and detail. We call it the "Hollywood Script" and it goes like this...

<theme plus writing plus pictures> gives you the starting point for something epic.

So please join us each friday as we show you the essence interpretation of the hollywood script known as the Friday Files-

Essence provide a simple template and each new month we will provide a brief with a simple writing and photography prompts and of course our essence project inspiration based on the monthly brief, so you can create your own epic blockbuster.}

During May, The FF theme is about Home- which means very deferring things to a many people. The Friday Files are about the in-depth journaling, the bits we tend not to expand on or go to deeply into in a 3 x 4 card, or that we just don't think is worthy of documenting. May be some of you will be encouraged by the ECT's spin on this theme and feel inspired to dig a little into your memory and sight and record the images that dance across your mind when you remember and think of Home- Have fun crafting a great life 



ECT team leader


Hi All, 

When i finally sat down to write about home, a million images crossed my mind and i felt a little starved for time, just thinking about the many ways in which i could tackle this topic. 

When i was in primary school back in the 70's shhhh..... i recall an activity in class which revolved around the question "what is a home". A couple of decades later and that class discussion 

would be very different-it would not be about the four walls that surround the family. I have a cousin that lives on a yatch and Sally [ I was named after Sal] , her hubby and daughter sail the world, and roam from port to port. 

My in-laws are retired and they travel for nearly 6 months of the year in a state of the art motor home, up, down and across Australia wherever they fancy. I guess no matter our circumstances in life, each of us have a default location called home,

what it is varies but we all identify with a home of some description, be it a distant memory or tangible, there is nearly always a longing for it's presence.

What is home for you?



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