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Glittery Blue Christmas Tree Star

by Christine Santos | December 1, 2017
Glittery Blue Christmas Tree Star

I have been putting up Christmas decorations at home with my daughters and they are particularly excited with our Christmas tree. Every year I try to come up with at least one handmade Christmas tree decoration, and this year I created a glittery blue star.

Francheville materials: Blue Glitter Pack Bella materials: Antique Floral Bling, Blue Borderlines Bling

This is a very special Christmas tree decor star, as the wooden star base is purchased to support children at the Auckland Starship Hospital. It is such a good cause to support and you get an awesome wooden star to keep.

I generously sprinkled the Blue Franchville Glitter Set on the wooden star, starting with the darkest blue shade then progressing to the lightest blue. I let each layer of blue glitter set before adding the next, finishing it off sparingly with the silver glitter.

I then added a small strip of Blue Bella Borderlines Bling across the bottom and layers of the Blue Antique Floral Bling on the middle. Some more sprinkling of blue and silver glitter are added on top and voila! A very special glittery blue Christmas star for a good cause.

Thanks for popping in and I hope you enjoyed my Christmas tree decor share today. All Franchville Glitter Sets and Bella Bling are available to purchase at a Spotlight store near you.


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