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Glitzy Mermaid Party Loot Bags

by Christine Santos | April 10, 2019
Glitzy  Mermaid Party Loot Bags

April is party month for our family and friends, but it's extra special as my youngest daughter turns 6. She is into mermaids at the moment and I get to share with you her sparkly mermaid loot bags featuring Bella's Dream Mini theme, Glitzy Gold papers and dazzling Bella! bling.

Bella materials: Dream Mini Theme - Mere, Dream Mini Theme - Cut-outs, Dream Mini Theme - Under the SeaBella! Glitzy Gold paper - Fish Scales , Bella Bling (Vintage, Small Flourish, Waterfall, Corners, Frame, Flourish, Borderlines, Floral), Fundamentals Mini Pegs

I used some plain kraft bags to start off with. I then trimmed the Fish Scales Glitzy Gold paper and the Dream Mere paper to give the loot bags some pattern.

I then trimmed some mermaids and frames from the Dream Cut Outs and Under The Sea papers.

Bella has an amazing range of bling and I really wanted to show them off with these loot bags, and each bag has its own bling personality.

A handy tip: When using you Bella bling for your projects, feel free to deconstruct them into smaller pieces to create your own bling formations to suit. Mix and match different colours and sizes, the options are endless.

When all the bags have been prettied up with the glitz and the bling, I then filled them up with some fun little girl's stationery and chocolates.

Once the bags are filled, I then tied the top with some string, finished off with some cute Fundamentals Mini Peg to secure the bow.

Layering some Bella Bling on top of the gorgeous range of Bella Glitzy papers is really effective and gives a special look to your projects without a lot of effort.

Check out the complete range HERE and these are also available to purchase at a Spotlight store near you. I'll be back for more Glitzy Gold inspiration. Thanks for popping in.


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  • Raelene  Apr 12, 2019 @ 6:50pm wrote:

    I love your bags. They look so fun to make and to receive.

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