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Green n Black Neckwear Explosion

by Chez Mathieson | August 28, 2017
Green n Black Neckwear Explosion

Oh my… what a wonderful time was had with these pretty beads.  Hi it's Chez on the blog today and I want to share with you my gorgeous green and black necklace creation showcasing the new JBH beading range from Just Bead It.  


JBH02 Green Glass Bead

JBH26 Silver Glass Bead

JBH59 Stone Bead Strand

JBH66 Dark Green Glass Bead

JBH88 Clear Glass Bead

JBI18 White Seed Bead Hank

JBI32 Black Seed Bead Hank


Starting with your black seed beads, pick-up four beads and stitch them like the image below. This is Herringbone stitch. Continue adding two beads and build a strap.

Make two straps in herringbone like the image below.

The above image shows how to connect the two straps and make the base of the embellishments. Continue to add two beads till you have sixteen sets of beads like the image below.

This section will deal with the Embellishment of this neckwear. See images below.


The above shows the work in progress. To achieve this thread you beads on and come back up through the beads but the very last one that we use for a stop bead.

The below images show the completed front lower Embellishments.

The above image shows the top section with the larger beads to complete the embellishments. This was achieved by stringing on your beads and attaching to the other strap. When you come back through the just beaded section attach to the horizontal band as you go.

What I didn’t photo was the embellishment up the vertical straps. This was done by adding three beads and secure then add three more beads and secure then your last three beads. Do this on both sides of the vertical straps.

The above image is the closure. You form a ring of beads and re-inforce as many times as you can to get it very stiff. The toggle section is created by stringing beads on and coming back through them to secure.

Here is the completed neckwear.

I really hope that this has inspired you to JUST BEAD IT…….



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