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Debbie's Christmas Traditions

by Account Deleted | December 9, 2011

Hello Ruby Rock-it fans!! Christmas right around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about holiday your traditions. What traditions do you and your family celebrate with? You may have one and don’t even realize it. If you don’t have a family tradition, it’s never too late to start one! The best way to have a pleasant and meaningful holiday is to create your own family traditions. The most important part of a holiday tradition is that everyone participates and enjoys themselves.

First decide what part of the holiday is most important to your family. Is it religion, cooking a special dish that your family has only once a year, baking cookies for gifts, going for a family walk after your meals, ornament exchanges, playing board games?? There are literally hundreds of ways to create a family tradition. For me, at Christmas time I send each of my grandkids a snow globe. My family did this when I was little and I wanted to pass this down to my grandkids. I have some beautiful snow globes and fabulous memories of gazing into them and watching the glittery snow fall until every speck was settled. Every year photos with Santa are taken with my littlest believers!! This year Santa was a little scary for my littlest grand daughter Adalyn. She cried, but we still wanted to document it. It's still cute and there will come a time when she will love Santa!!


Another Christmas tradition I have is to add a new crystal ornament to the tree! This year it's a new dragonfly.

My love for scrapbooking and documenting our family traditions play a huge part in my holiday season. Don’t forget to hand these traditions down as your legacy, your family will always treasure these memories.

Merry Christmas!!


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