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Honoring Moms | Mother's Day project with Monique

by Erin Yamabe | May 12, 2014
Honoring Moms | Mother's Day project with Monique
Hi Ruby Rock-It fans, it's Monique today with a gift idea for Mother's Day. 
A couple of years ago my mother passed away so I can't make her a Mother's Day gift, but recently I inherited a few of her everyday jewels. If she were alive right now I would have made this jewelery box for her, but as it happens I've decided to create this box for me, to keep her jewelery in it. These jewels are very very special to me and I'm so glad I finally found the perfect collection of papers, die-cuts, wood veneers and jewels to create this special box for my special treasure.  
Here's what I started with: a very simple and inexpensive tea box, with two compartments on the inside:


But when I was finished it looked like this:  



I just adore the colors of this collection! Here's photo of the top:


And this is how the back looks like: I love the 3D butterfly stickers!



And a photo of the inside: 



And a closer look at the top: aren't those bling borders just awesome?! 


And one last look from yet another angle:


I really love how this project turned out! Hope you'll give it a try too!


Here's a list of Ruby Rock-It Bella! Fundamentals products I used:
Heritage paper collection
Heritage Florals
Heritage Die Cut pad
Heritage 3D Stickers
Heritage Die-Cut Pack
Heritage Wood Veneer
Bella! Bling Borderlines Pink
Fundamentals Trim
Thank you so much for stopping by Ruby Rock-It's blog today and I hope I've given you a little bit of inspiration to create something beautiful for your Mom too! 

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