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Welcoming back: Becky Olsen | 2013 DT

by Ruby Rock-It Bella! Fundamentals | December 9, 2012

We are so very excited to be welcoming back...Becky Olsen to our RRBF family this year!


And here's what she wishes to share...

I started scrapbooking in high school where I would collect all kinds of little things that were important to me and put them in magnetic album pages (so bad for those things I cherished!) I went on to complete baby books and then in 1994 learned about the magic of card stock, patterned paper and die cuts and have been making pages every since! I also love to use paper to make of the page projects as I love dimension and texture!

I find inspiration everywhere! Billboards, radio, movies, magazines and mostly from the product I have in front of me. I always joke about how it talks to me and tells me what it wants to be made into  :)

My go to tool is definitely my sewing machine. I started sewing on my pages and cards years ago to combat adhesive fatigue and have loved the look and texture that it gives. It is almost impossible for me to create without it!

Well, I think it is really hard to surprise people, but I did have a very unusual job for a very long time. (matter of fact this time of year I really miss doing it!) I was a fully certified ski instructor at a resort called Deer Valley. I taught people how to ski, but I also taught instructors how to teach people to ski and I specialized in children, being a really big one at heart myself. 

A little more info about me is that I am the mom of four wonderful children, 2 very naughty dogs and 1 very happy cat. I have been very blessed in this life with challenges that have taught me to be very grateful, and to see the many miracles in my life. Everyday I get to go to work as the Marketing Director for a non-profit that does service expeditions around the world. When I have a little free time I love to go hiking in the beautiful Utah mountains, play some tennis with my delightful friends or get into my crafty studio and have a little fun. I am a very lucky girl!

We have all been amazed at her designs this past year, and look forward for what she is yet to create!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Wishing you a great day ahead!

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