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Introducing...Lisa Webb | 2013 DT

by Ruby Rock-It Bella! Fundamentals | December 4, 2012


Today, we have the pleasure of introducing designer, Lisa Webb!


And here's some fun facts about her...


I am a very happily married self confessed scrapaholic with two awesome children.. Danielle 21 and Corey nearly 10. My life is full of fun, giggles, exercise, creating and positive thoughts.  I live in the gorgeous Sunny Sunshine Coast of Australia where the living is everything I could ever want it to be.  I innocently took up this wicked addiction 7 years ago by making a card.  The next day I was onto 12x12 layouts.  I have been desperately devoted to paper and photosever since.  Im lucky to be able to do the pretty pink and also the grunge for my boy. I get so much inspiration from my kids and my son is at the age where he loves to be in front of the lens.   I must admit I am a slow but very fussy scrapper but this is how I create. I sew on most of my layouts and as I love different textures and I love layers.

I have a few must have things in my tote but the one I cannot do without is my rotary cutter, self healing mat and patchwork ruler.  Unlike most scrappers I don't use a paper trimmer.. I love using my rotary cutter.  It is my soul mate when it comes to scrapping. 

Apart from my love for art and creative pretties, my other hobby that I love is riding my motor bike.  I ride a 750cc road bike and have been riding for 15 years.  Nothing like the wind in your hair! (even though my helmet is one lol)


Isn't she photogenic?  Lucky us for having her join our team!

And the fun continues tomorrow...until then!

Wishing you a very happy Tuesday!

Erin Yamabe


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