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JJ's December Traditions

by JJ Sobey | December 10, 2011

Hi Ruby Rock-it fans! 

We're talking about favorite December & Christmas traditions this month, and every time I started to think about this post, it always came back to family.    We (me, hubby and the kids) road trip 14 hours every Christmas to visit my family.  (I'm the one who moved so far away, so I'm the one who travels back home to see everyone).   While I don't particularly enjoy driving that far when winter roads are an issue, I always look forward to the excitement of seeing all my family, and there is a bit of a sense of adventure when going on a road trip, isn't there?  Although, these warning signs on the highway are a little unnerving  (the size comparison is not an exageration)  ;)


I live in Montreal now, and we have fantastic bagel bakers in this city.  A new Christmas tradition that I started, is I always bring Montreal bagels back home at Christmas, and we have those with cream cheese and smoked salmon for breakfast on Christmas morning. Mmm... now I'm hungry.  :)


A tradition that I started for myself, more than 20 years ago, is I buy a new pewter ornament for my tree each Christmas.  There is a wonderful pewter artisan in Nova Scotia, called Amos Pewter.  They make one new design each year, in their series of Christmas ornaments.  They are always inspired by nature, often by the sea, and always beautiful.  I love how they look on the tree, and I love that they are hand crafted.    This one is one of my favorites:


 What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?


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