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Kids Crafts | Girls Night with Candice

by Candice Elliott | July 25, 2014
Kids Crafts | Girls Night with Candice
Hello there and welcome back everyone!
We are still having a blast with kids crafts and
I am here to share a little twist on a classic.
When I thought of a craft that I would love to
do with my little ones I instantly thought of the
two sticks and yarn.
I used to love twisting those different colored
yarn around those sticks and
watch as the beautiful pattern developed.
My little ones have already come home with 
these doing the school year.
Just imagine how fun it witll be when they see what mommy
has done only
with paper!
I created several of these classics using thin strips of
paper. The lighter the paper the better.
To keep the pattern going I after cutting strips I
simply adhered ends together to create one long strip.
Just keep wrapping around sticks until you and little ladies get
the desired size.
After finshing up a few of these simply adhere them together and
embellish any way your girly hearts desire!
With this one I just used two small flowers, a large flower,
a Bella Bling Ribbon Flower Border, and then topped
it off with a Bella Bling Flower. All it consisted of was
peel and stick.
Super easy!
While all pieces were drying I then took a piece of
scrap board and used pearl fabric paint to give it color.
No paint brush required because I used my fingers.
This is the step where only adults apply.
I used my heat gun to bubble the paint a little for
some added texture.
Next just simply adhere art piece to the
painted board and let dry.
Afterwards you and the girls would have completed your
own little craft night!
Thank you so much!!!
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