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Layered and Long - Triple Strand Boho Necklace

by Melody Gillespie | July 17, 2017
Layered and Long - Triple Strand Boho Necklace

Hi, it’s Melody here with my newest beading design. This time I’ve created a long layered neutral toned necklace, full of soft natural colours gently enhanced with a range of metallic tones.

I put this collection of beads together some time ago and have been waiting for the right piece of jewellery to use them on. 


The rich earthiness of these colours is quite romantic and I felt they (and these utterly gorgeous (!!!) dragonfly wings) suited a longer style of necklace - hence today’s design. 


The first strand I created was the longest and I chose a simple silvery glass bead accentuated with a couple of soft pinky beige crystals. These were placed at the centre surrounding the tassel  - both to highlight it and to keep it in place. Quite often I use really small seed beads like these to pass through a pendant or charm instead of having it sit directly onto the wire or thread as it looks nicer and reduces the chance of it slipping off.


On the second strand I wanted to bring in some darker metallic tones and some texture which I achieved by using these large taupe coloured seed beads threaded in between the smaller pearl coloured beads. This was quite time consuming - I find it easiest when doing this style of beading to pool the beads together and use a needle or in this case - the wire to thread them on.

I left the shortest strand until last as, on this particular necklace - I just was not sure which beads would suit. Quite often when unsure, I find it helpful to lay all of the proposed components out - on a light coloured dish or page as I have done above to check them out and play around with the different options. 


I tried around with a few different crystals and variations before adding on the copper metallics and pinky beige crystal beads. The copper tones pick up the warmth of the beige tones and in harmony with the pearls bring a little lustre as well.

Even though there are several different colours of metallic beads used: rose gold, silver and gold, they all work beautifully together due to the neutral palette of the other beads. With careful consideration -  you can make so many different combinations that will go well together – don’t be afraid to mix metals when you bead!

I don’t wear a lot of neutral tones but the soft warmth and richness that this piece exudes draws me in every time!


I learnt to make tassels recently and just love adding them to my beading projects - and this time, I think it finishes the necklace set beautifully.  I really enjoyed working with colours I don’t often use and am so happy with the results - hope you like it - have fun in your beadwork!

Just Bead It Supplies:

JBQ26 - Small Silver Glass Seed Beads

JBQ03 - Soft Beige Crystal Glass Bead Strand

JBI94 - Small Pearl Glass Seed Beads

JBI788 - Large Taupe Glass Seed Beads

JBZ34 - Silver Metal Dragonfly

JBQ84 - Taupe Crystal Glass Beads

JBZ58 - Small Glass Pearl Beads

JBX53 - Small Rose Gold Brass Beads

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