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Long Summer Layered Necklace

by Melody Gillespie | November 6, 2017
Long Summer Layered Necklace

Hi everyone - Melody here. Today’s project is a simple but beautiful long and layered necklace created with some of the new Just Bead it range of seed beads. Christmas is on the way so I was keen to incorporate red into the design and the fun style of this piece is perfectly suited for the up and coming Australian warmer weather.

With four different lengths and no clasp it is easy to wear and the jumble of colours makes it such a versatile piece.

To begin I created the bead mix by adding varying quantities of each bead. I used three sizes of seed beads to bring some texture to the necklace and also a range of colour styles with different opacities and finishes.


The idea of this necklace was to create a multi tonal look. Initially I was only going to use just reds but I found that I really liked the addition of the peachy and gold tones.

I ended up using eight different lots of beads and kept adding them in and swirling them around until I was happy with the mix.


Using a waxed cord, I eventually threaded the beading needle!! (a threader is a fantastic tool however unfortunately I have not yet found one that will go through the eye of a seed bead needle) and then I began to thread.

Usually I string beads by hand but this particular necklace was threaded using my spinning bead loader as is a really fast way to bead with seed beads and is also great tool to get a good random mix which is essential to the look I was after. 


This necklace has four lengths that are all individual pieces of cord. Instead of using a clasp, in the first strand, I threaded a row of larger sized beads together. Although this row sits at the back of the neck when the completed necklace is worn -  this row is a centre point to the design as every other strand is threaded through it. So once you finish the first strand - tie the thread together firmly ensuring there are no gaps in the beadwork - (I use a triple granny knot) then importantly - back thread each end and then cut and burn the ends to seal.

When you begin each new length of cord to create the different layers - start by threading it through this larger row of beads first, pull the cord through until it is even and then fill each side up with beads until it reaches the desired length, tie it off - back thread and burn the ends to seal. You can repeat this a many times as you like as long as the cord will still fit through the centre bead row. It is handy to have a set of small pliers as they can be useful when back threading or when using multiple strands in the same row - just use them gently and try not to pull the needle and thread too quickly with them as seed beads can break quite easily and that just causes heartbreak - especially if you have almost finished your new jewellery!

Although simple by design, this is a beautifully detailed and intricately beaded necklace. I love the all of the variances in colour and shape and having several lengths in the one piece is a lovely way to finish in style!


You could use any combination of colour and size in the seed bead range to make this necklace and it would still look great - and how lovely to be able to create something personalized just for you! Happy Beading!


Just Bead It Supplies:


Size 6 Red Glass Seed Beads

Size 6 Coral Lustre Glass Seed Beads

Size 8 Red Coral Glass Seed Beads

Size 12 Red Glass Seed Beads

Size 12 Dark Orange Glass Seed Beads

Size 12 Coral Glass Seed Beads

Size 12 Rainbow Red Glass Seed Beads

Size 12 Rose Gold Glass Seed Beads

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