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Love Bracelet

by Melody Gillespie | November 20, 2017
Love Bracelet

Hi everyone - Melody here. My project today was inspired by two things - bead looming and some absolutely beautiful Native American beading patterns I saw the other day online. I also love the idea of graduated colours and using these gorgeous metallic seed beads from the new range I have created a deconstructed loom pattern stacked bracelet! 

I don’t know about you, but I did a LOT of bead looming in the late 80’s – (I love bead looming by the way) so that was my first plan however on discovering that I am all out of superfine bead needles, I thought I would try something a little different. To begin, I drew up the design using some 2mm graph paper using each small square to represent a bead - (this is a fantastic resource for bead loomers by the way) and then transposed the design into this 7 strand bracelet. 

After having some issues lining the patterns up - I simplified my design and chose to stack the strands instead and I just love the end result!  Graduating colours is a really eye catching way to bead. I have seen it in Native American beadworks online and also when I travelled through South America as well.

Although initially I was going to add a metallic green in as a contrasting colour, I ended up just using 4 shades of pinky purples going from the palest pink through to dark purple with the frosted black as a contrast. 

As you can see below, the beading pattern is the same on each side - you begin on one end and it kind of merges in the middle and is then done in reverse until you get to the other end (if that makes sense). When threading the initial design, on the first strand I use a ruler to check the length of the centrepoint and adjust the pattern as required to ensure it comes out at the correct length. Make sure you include clasps and end beads in your measurements.

This particular bracelet has five strands, but you can do as few or as many as you like – depending on the style you are after. I joined all of the strands onto a single loop at either end and then added the large silver bead caps on to tidy everything up. I then added the clasp and a cute little charm to finish.


Taking time to add finishing touches really enhances any bead design and gives your work a more polished and professional appearance. I really think this is almost as important as your beading pattern and it is worth thoroughly considering when you are designing your special piece.

Although simple by design, the intricacy in the pattern is enhanced by the stacking and the end result is a beautifully elegant bracelet. Seed beads can make so many wonderful things - as always don’t be afraid to try something new - Happy beading!!

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