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Love Links | Aimee & Caylee

by Erin Yamabe | May 2, 2014


Hi and welcome to my first ever Love Links!


'You have seen Mira and her amazing taste in décor; Sal no doubt converted you to a leaner lifestyle. I on the other hand am here to feed your addiction. That’s right lovely peeps, I am here to show you pretty paper in all its forms. I love stationery in all its forms – diaries, notepads, personalised cards, and journals. You can never have enough. Oh, before we kick off did you know my partner in crime Caylee [please link Caylee's name to her personal blog] has her very own stationery line? It’s true. You can find Pretty Organised right here



Shall we get started?




1. For the most beautiful floral designs it has to be Rifle Paper Co.   


2. My go to notepads come from Quill & Fox. They have a ton of great designs. 


3. I just adore personalized cards. The best thing about Minted is they crowd source their designs.  


4. Finally my homegrown stationery store Kikki K. Swedish design at it’s best.


I hope you can find something truly beautiful down one of these pretty little rabbit holes.


Aimee xx




I have never been a goal-driven person, but after a year of "retirement" I knew that I had to change something or else I would never get anything done. I've changed from a reactive person into a proactive person and I absolutely love how much I'm accomplishing. I have a 25 things to do at 25 list, a bunch of New Year's resolutions, and monthly intentions and I love ticking them off. Sometimes I get everything done, but sometimes items become less important to me and that's okay. The point is that I know exactly where I am and where I'm heading. I like it and so it made sense for my first Love Links to be focused on deliberate living.



If all else fails, you could just put a pen to one of the beautiful designs of the stationers recommended by Aimee and just get started.






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