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by Ruby Rock-It Bella! Fundamentals | April 12, 2014


Hi fellow life documentors, great to share your company again.



Get comfy, this is seriously a fun post- hope you're in for the long haul!


The ECT [essence creative team] understand how important it is to have a few resources that inspire and motivate and get the creative juices flowing. Hence we are building a resource library, this means loads of inspiration coming your way, in a variety of formats, so check back often to see what we have added. 

Since we are all about sharing the love, we thought it would fabulous to share some of our personal fav love links. Tell us what you think in the comments section- did you find some wonderful gem- do share- we love it when we hear from you.


Today's love links may already be top of your list but we're hoping we introduce you to some new players that we feel shine, are divine and will help you to craft a great life.



This is my first Love Links list. 


The first theme that i wanted to share with You is my love for the interiors. Here is the list of my top favourite home-decor blogs, that i visit very often. They're always full of super stylish ideas and beautiful apartments that i would die to live in! I hope You're gonna like it. Enjoy!





Over the past decade i've had a real shift towards minimalism. The type of minimalism that alters they way you use your time, talents, and energy. It's an evolution for me and this "movement" continues to transformed my style, habits, desires and relationships. There have been some significant key players that have really inspired me and I consider them mavericks.  Love, love, love getting their insight in my mailbox and considering and asking "what can I do to......"

I love people that inspire others to reach and do better than they currently are. There are so many of these wonderful persons roaming the earth but for now I'm sharing just a selected few of my minimalism love links. By minimalism i mean striping the clutter and making room for more of the quality stuff. I would love to know form you, if you have had an "AH'HA MOMENT"  after visiting one of these links. Oh excited to hear... anyway these are the influences that are helping to refine me- Big job but doable.Oh did i dare you to check out their you tube vid's too?







Thank you, Mira and Sal for your sharing a part of your creative world with us!





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