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Luxurious Earthy Stacked Bracelet

by Melody Gillespie | December 4, 2017
Luxurious Earthy Stacked Bracelet

Hi everyone - Melody here. Today I have created an earthy stacked bracelet centred around one of the beautiful strands of beads from the JBH range.

I am in love with these colours! The bronzy metals and earthy tones really pop when mixed with the textures of the crystal and pearl beads creating a warm palette and bringing a luxurious feel to this bracelet.

I used a triple strand gold magnetic bracelet clasp for this four strand design - even though the metal in the beads is more bronze, the golden undertones allow this colour combo to work.

Using my pliers I began by attaching the JBH Strand of beads to the centre. After checking the length I removed a bead and then reattached. Beading pliers are an essential tool for your kit - I have quite a few pairs but generally rely on about 4 different styles - it makes things so much easier when you have the right tools on hand!

Next I threaded on the strand of crystals and I have to say - there is a distinct advantage to buying beads by the strand. It not only allows you to do some quick beading work (which is fantastic if you happen to need a bracelet for your outfit tonight!!!!) but it is also tidier. For this strand, I left the crystal beads on the original string and just rethreaded them straight onto the beading wire - no fuss and so very fast.

It is also good when beading with multiple strand clasps, to remember to check that both ends are facing the ‘right’ way before you attach too many strands! This particular clasp is magnetised and each end must face a particular way - thankfully I remembered to check this before I completed the second strand (but I have been caught out before).

Finally, I added a double strand of matte gold seed beads to finish the piece. This was a little trickier as I had to attach two strands to a single loop at either end on the clasp. I did this using a double length of wire and threading it through the first loop, folding it at the halfway point and crimping it the middle. I then threaded both strands and attached the two ends separately to the other side of the clasp. This is okay with smaller beads as there is more room but it would have been a little too untidy with larger or different shaped beads.

Having multiple strands in your bracelet or necklace is a great way to bring together some different textures and colours  - this also makes your jewellery more versatile and a great staple piece for any wardrobe.  These beautiful neutral colours will go with so many outfits and a little bling is always good! Happy beading!!



Just Bead It Supplies:


JBH 40 Earthy Bronze & Pearl Strand

JBQ84 Earthy Crystal Glass Beads

JBI788 Large Gold Seed Beads

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