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Manila folder school mini album

by Carrie Walz | September 27, 2013


Hello RRBF fans. Today I am showing you a great way for you

to use up all of  those  little wallet sized school photos you

accumulate through your child’s school years. 

We all have them and now  you can

actually use them!  I make these little

mini albums all the time. They are quick, easy and super cute.  I only went up to third grade for this but

once you see how it is made, you will see how easy it is to add more folders to

accommodate as many photos you want to share.

Here is my finished project:   







The pockets work perfectly to make tags that come out so you can show off each photo.

The instructions are very simple...just a few folds and your imagination...





For this project I used:

BAS08- Bella! Boutique School Days Words to Go (SKU: 9312271026308)

BAS15- Bella! Boutique School Days Shapes to Go (SKU: 9312271026315)

BAS22- Bella! Boutique School Days Paper Pack (SKU: 9312271026322)

MTP20- Mini Themes 12x12 Cardstock- School Picture Frame (SKU: 9312271028920)

MTP37- Mini Themes 12x12 Cardstock- School Snippets (SKU: 9312271028937)

MTP52- Mini Themes 12x12 Cardstock- Travel Snippets (SKU: 9312271028852)

MTP25- Mini Theme 12x12 Cardstock- Sport Superstar (SKU: 9312271028425)

Thanks for stopping by!

Carrie Walz

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